The things I miss…

It’s funny, I’m quite a solitary person. I’m not normally one to need other people around me. I’m quite happy with my own company.  I’m more than happy to spend time by myself in a coffee shop planning school work, doing blogging stuff or reading. But I guess when your hand is forced, it really shows you who you are.

Lockdown has taught me quite a lot about myself (some of it I think I already knew, some of it is definitely new to me!) and when I lay in bed the other day I thought ‘god there’s so many just normal, every day things I miss that 6 months ago me didn’t even realise were glorious things’. I don’t know if anyone cares about this stuff, but I’d love to know what you miss too!

I don’t want this to turn into an “oh my god look at her whinging” post because I’m not, I’m very happy to keep being safe and not doing things, but my god, I can’t wait until I get to do some of these things again. 

I’m going to keep my work related things I miss to just a few because that could be a whole other blog post by itself to be honest!

I miss:

  • Starbucks on a Friday morning before work.
  • Being able to get on the bus without worrying.
  • Seeing my pal-o whenever I wanted.
  • Sitting in a restaurant having a lovely time with friends or family.
  • Sitting in a coffee shop for hours with a book, a notepad and pen and my music.
  • Being able to leave the house and just go somewhere.
  • Mooching around town.
  • Going down to the Basement.
  • Buying books.
  • Browsing shops.
  • Window shopping.
  • Seeing people out and about that I know.
  • Absent-mindedly wandering around shops without worrying.
  • Getting on the metro and going to the seaside.
  • Having a coffee on the seafront then going for a long walk.
  • Seeing my family in the flesh.
  • Laughing with my twiglets.
  • Hugging everyone I love.
  • Sitting in Quilliams with a book.
  • Having a fancy breakfast on a Sunday because I love it.
  • Choosing when I see other people.
  • Being able to make plans to see people.
  • Going to bookish events (even when, yes, there’s a ridiculously early get up time because all the events are in London, grr)
  • Walking into my classroom and seeing it set up how I am used to.
  • Having nice smooth hands (ha).
  • Laughing with my kids.
  • Sitting beside my colleagues.
  • Sitting beside a kid and watching the penny drop.
  • Playing games.
  • Being on break duty and just watching kids interact with each other.
  • Teaching.

There’s a WHOLE LOAD more stuff I miss and I’m just glad that one day we’ll get to do these things again!

If you’d like to share things you miss with me, I’d love that. I hope you’re managing to do things that make you smile and keep you buoyant in the meantime! I’m always here if anyone needs a hug or a shoulder!

Speak to you all soon,

S x

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