ThursTAG: The Greek Myths

Morning ThursTAG friends.

How are you all doing? I hope you’re all safe and reading delicious books!

It is once again ThursTAG. I stole this from Charlotte’s blog (she posted it a few weeks ago and I figured it was high time I tried it!). You shouldn’t check out her post, but I mean, go for it if you feel like it *wink*


Zeus, The King Sky God – Favourite book?

LOL. Start with a tricky one eh? Favourite book ain’t gonna happen. I have TOO many. However, if we go with my favourite book I’ve read in the last month or so… it has to go to Venom by Bex Hogan (don’t pretend you’re shocked by this!)

Poseidon, God of the Ocean – A book that drowned you in feels?

Another LOL from me. I drown in feels at almost EVERY book I read. I could EASILY say Venom here because MY GOD THAT ENDING. However, a book that still makes me emotional thinking about it is Countless by Karen Gregory. Man, that story. It kicked me in the face.

Hades, God of the Underworld – Favourite dark book?

Hmmm. I do not think I understand the question ha! I think “dark” books make me think like they deal with some tricky themes, so I’m going to go with Paper Butterflies by Lisa Heathfield or A Thousand Perfect Notes by C.G.Drews. They’re HELLA dark, and hard to read at times, but they’re bloody incredible.

Hera, The Queen Goddess of Family and Marriage – Cutest couple?

Oh my god. But I ship all the ships. SEND HELP. Like, I could go down ANY of the routes and I’d end up falling down a rabbit hole of spoilers and OMG DID YOU KNOW I LOVE THESE GUYS? AND THESE GUYS? So let’s just say that I ship ships HARD.

Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and Battle Strategy – Favourite intelligent heroine?

All of them? Like seriously. However, I have to give a massive massive shout out to Caro from Love Hypothesis by Laura Steven here. She’s PROPER clever. Like one of those CLEVER people in the world (she makes some FOOLISH mistakes though…)

Gaia, The Great Mother – Favourite world building book?

Can I go world building author? Cause Queen Mel does that better than anyone. (again, don’t be shocked that I said this friends). If you’re looking for brilliant world building in kids books though, look no further than Abi Elphinstone.

Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty – Most gorgeous cover?

LOL FAKE. I love all of the covers. ALL OF THEM. Well not all of them. I don’t like covers with people on – they freak me out. I say this EVERY SINGLE TIME but if I have to choose ONE I’d go Clean by Juno Dawson. THAT SHINE!

Aries, God of War and Battle – Most violent book you’ve read?

I don’t think violent is a thing I read a lot of. Erm… I read books that have got lots of war/fighting in them but I don’t know that I’d class them as “violent” necessarily?

Hephaestus, God of Blacksmiths and Flame – Hottest book you’ve ever read?

LOL. Hottest how!? Like fire? Like sexy times? I’m a lot more likely to read fire than I am sex.

Artemis, The Virgin Goddess of the Hunt – A heroine who doesn’t need a man to save her?

All of them. We don’t need no men. Marianne from Viper/Venom, Sorrow from Sorrow duology, Alva from Hold Back the Tide. All of these young women have men in their stories but my god can they hold their own. (Also, some of my favourite young women in YA).

Apollo, God of Music, Light, and Healing – A book that is the exception to a genre you don’t like? 

I don’t a lot of adult fiction – like when I go into a Waterstones, I will naturally find myself hunting for the YA and the kids sections, so browsing the adult section is not a thing I do. I did read Circe by Madeleine Miller last year (on recommendation of Queen Mel) and I absolutely adored it. It took me a while to get into, but once I got there… I was THERE. Can recommend entirely.

Hermes, God of Messages, Travelers, and Thieves – A book that stole your heart?

LOL. Can we again say all of them? However, I’m gonna go down a very predictable route here and say The Sin Eater’s Daughter by Melinda Salisbury. That book changed a lot of things for me. It has a VERY special place in my heart does that book.

Hestia, Goddess of Hearth and Home – A book you go back to for comfort?

I’ll be honest, I don’t have THAT ONE BOOK (apart from like classics from my childhood) I go to when I need comfort, but I do tend to turn to kids books when I need uplifted. Sometimes YA is too much for my brain (lockdown saw my brain taking on a lot of shit, so I read a lot of kids books). I will FOREVER be a pusher of kids books. Adults should read kids books.

Demeter, Goddess of Agriculture and Fertility – Favourite book setting?

I love a fantasy setting. Just any of them. I would NOT survive in them at all, but I love reading them.

Dionysus, God of Wine and Feasting – A book you are most anticipating in the next year?

I thought this said NEXT YEAR and not in THE next year haha. Erm, books I’m excited for? All of them? Strangeworlds 2, Vulture, more Abi Elphinstone, more Mel, new Amy Wilson. Just all of the books from my faves please.

Hecate, Goddess of Crossroads and Magic – Favourite magical read?

OH MY GOD LOL. That is NOT happening. Anyone who knows ANYTHING about me knows that magic is my THING. I love anything magical. I think I could write a whole blog post about MAGICAL recommendations (which in fact I might do!) so ALL OF THEM.

Nemesis, God of Revenge – Favourite revenge story?

Fair is Foul by Hannah Capin. (I totally stole Charlotte’s answer but omg). This book is AMAZING. It’s right up my street. Macbeth is my FAVE Shakespeare so reading a retelling gave me such joy. Plus it’s sassy as hell.


And that is all! Thank you for stopping by!

If you fancy doing this tag, please do. Although, you might want to answer the questions with more decisiveness than I have haha!  

Speak to you all soon!

S x

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