The ‘What Makes Me Pick Up A Book?’ Tag

Hello ThursTAG friends!

How are you all keeping? I hope you are all safe and looking after yourselves!

You’ve popped along to check out my take on the ‘What Makes Me Pick Up A Book?’ Tag I guess. I saw this tag on my friend Amy’s blog and I thought OMG A NEW TAG THAT I’VE NOT SEEN so I embraced it instantly haha! Lovely Amy got it from Youtube. If you want to see the original tag, check out Charlotte’s What Makes Me Pick Up a Book? tag.


1. Do you judge a book by its cover?

Absolutely. I would be telling BIG FAT LIES if I said I didn’t. It won’t stop me buying a book by one of my favourite authors, but it will certainly encourage me to pick up a book by an author I don’t know. The amount of books I’ve picked up that I have no idea what they’re about JUST BECAUSE they’ve got a gorgeous cover is unreal.

2. Focusing just on a cover, what attracts you to pick it up?

If a cover is foiled, I’m picking it up. I love a good shiny cover. You can’t beat them in my opinion. I love all sorts of covers too though. They don’t HAVE TO be shiny, but they have to just SHOUT at me. (I’ll tell you one that that DOES put me off buying books… covers with people on them. Not illustrated people, but real people. Not for me).

3. Do you read the synopsis first, or prefer to go in knowing nothing about the book?

Erm… a bit of both. If I’ve heard of a book and don’t know much about it, I will read the synopsis to know more about it. Same as if a book has a kind of attractive cover and I don’t know much about it, I will read the synopsis. I do tend to go into books blind though. Sometimes as well synposes just don’t sell a book very well…

4. Do you have any auto-buy authors?

I have quite a few actually and none of these names will surprise ANYONE! I just love the books and authors that I love. Matt Haig deserves a special spot on this list (he doesn’t really fit into just these categories). 

YA: Melinda Salisbury, Sara Barnard, Katherine Webber, Juno Dawson, Emery Lord, Laura Steven, David Levithan, Alwyn Hamilton,

MG: Kiran Milwood-Hargrave, Maz Evans, Lisa Thompson, Piers Torday, Abi Elphinstone, Amy Wilson, Ross Mackenzie, David Litchfield, Ross Montgomery, Jason Reynolds, Sophie Anderson.

There’s a whole load of last year/this year debut people that are on my MUST BUY BOOK 2/HAVE ALREADY PREORDERED BOOK 2: Bex Hogan, Bethany Rutter, L.D.Lapinski, Louie Stowell.

I’m sure there are loads more too… I’ll stop now though cause I could literally just end up with a list of all of the authors I’ve loved recently and then you’ll really see how much money I spend on books…

5. Are you more likely to pick up a book if it has specific elements/themes?

Lol. Hello, welcome to A Little But A Lot: the blog dedicated to all things MAGIC and FANTASY. Seriously though, even the smallest whiff of magic and I will buy it. ALSO, a contemporary that I know is going to absolutely break my heart: be it about teenage friendships, finding yourself, finding your people… (basically if you’re Sara Barnard)

6. Do you ever read a book that has generally negative reviews just to form your own opinion on it?

If we’re talking like on Amazon or Goodreads, I try not to look at other people’s reviews of books too much before I buy them because I genuinely don’t want someone else’s opinion to sway my own. If I’m reading reviews of books it’s because my friends have reviewed them on their blogs/twitter/IG recently, but I try and stay away from reading reviews until I finish it! Then I am dead nebby and love to see what other people think.

7. Do you ever buy a book just because another booktuber/blogger has talked about it a lot?

Do I? God yes. That’s the brilliant power of book bloggers (I don’t watch much BookTube apart from George Lester (a definite babe, please go subscribe to him and follow him on social media, who is definitely responsible for a few of my purchases). Gotta give a massive shout out to the people whose opinions I respect most cause if they write a glowing review of a book that I’m curious about, I’m probably (definitely) going to be buying it.

Going off on a slight, but necessary, tangent here: I genuinely don’t understand people who think that book bloggers have no welly whatsoever. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not under the impression we are helping to shift 1000s of copies of books, but I definitely think we can help to contribute to sales. I’ve definitely bought books because of someone else’s review. There are countless times I’ve seen someone else’s review of a book and I’ve been compelled me to buy it. I know there are a few people who’ve gone out and bought Melinda Salisbury’s books because of my shouting about it. Someone told me a few weeks ago that they’d bought Viper because I was shouting about Venom so much (please go buy these books if you haven’t… they are SO BLOODY GOOD). I think as book bloggers we love shouting about books and that’s what I’m here for. I think we help out our favourite authors by shouting about their books. If you’ve ever bought a book because someone’s talked about it, please tell them. It’s a great thing to know. [/end rant]

8. Is there anyone whose book recommendations you always trust?

There are! There’s aprobably loads of people whose opinions I will listen to. However, the people I ALWAYS rely on mean a lot to me ha. I know that Charlotte will ALWAYS be honest about a book. She’s told me about a few BIG BOOKS that people keep talking about and then she’s just like “Nah, it’s not a Steph book, I wouldn’t bother” and then will tell me about it (cause *shocker* I ain’t opposed to a spoiler or 12). She’s one of the goodest eggs. My Waterstones Newcastle crew are also BRILLIANT eggs. They can always be on hand to recommend me books. And my old #SundayYA crew are always there to shout about books with.


And that’s it! I thoroughly enjoyed this tag. Sorry for my random ‘book bloggers are great’ rant… in fact, no I’m not. Book bloggers are bloody brilliant!

If you fancy taking on this tag… go for it!

S x

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