S4S – Best book 1 in series

Hello #SixforSunday family!

How are you all? We are in week [insert a number here] of lockdown here in the UK. I hope you are all holding out OK and staying safe!

It’s May. You know what that means… we are here with a whole new set of prompts for our #SixforSunday posts and this month is one I’ve been looking forward to for aaaaaaaages! I am a MASSIVE fan of a series. I really love getting invested in characters and their lives. It’s normally books in a series that bring me the monst angst and tears too. 

I have a confession to make here too… most of the books I mention this month will come from a very small pool because when I love a series, I LOVE A SERIES. Which means you’ll see the same few series mentioned throughout this month of #SixforSunday posts. I won’t apologise… just warning you now haha! I can’t wait to see the series you guys are celebrating in your posts!!

Okay, enough rambling from me. This week we are celebrating:

The best book 1s in series

Or our favourite book 1s in series. (I did look up the plural of series, but it is series!)

S4S May Fave book 1 series

I went for 3 kids series and 3 YA series and I’m sure that none of these will surprise anyone who knows anything about the books I love. In all of these books, you’re introduced to amazing worlds, characters and you fall deeply in love with what’s to come. I don’t want to ramble on too much about them, but they all have a very special part in my heart for their various reasons! If you haven’t read any of these, I implore you to buy them and then we can have a lovely chat about them.

I’d love to know which books are your faves from a series! Share your lists with me using the hashtag #SixforSunday and I will check them out!


See you next week for ‘Heart-wrenching ends to series’!

S x


3 thoughts on “S4S – Best book 1 in series

  1. Autumn of Pellinor says:

    I’ve read (and LOVED) Ink and Rebel of the Sands, I’ve finished Alwyn Hamilton’s series but not Alice Broadway’s. I need to pick up the rest of those books. I own Sin Eater’s Daughter so I should really get around to reading that too! The others thought I’ve not read nor really thought about, I should probably give them a gander


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