#SixforSunday May banners!

Hi friends!

I know it’s Saturday and I’m posting a #SixforSunday post, BUT it’s me providing the banners for anyone who wants to use the same ones as me since a whole new month of prompts starts tomorrow! You don’t have to use them if you’re more creative than me, but you are more than welcome to!

Don’t forget May’s prompts are celebrating your favourite series (I looked it up: the plural of series is series ha!):

May: Showing some series love!

3rd: Favourite book 1 in series
10th: Heartwrenching endings to series
17th: Series you can’t wait to get into/Series you’re dying to read
24th: Favourite characters from series
31st: Favourite series

S4S May week 1 bannerS4S May week 2 bannerS4S May week 3 bannerS4S May week 4 bannerS4S May week 5 banner

Don’t forget at 6pm (BST I believe) every Sunday, I am now hosting a twitter chat over on the #SixforSunday! I’m having loads of fun doing it and it’s a brilliant way to end the week. It’s been great getting to see some new faces and chat to some of my bookish friends, so if you wanna pop along and talk to us, you are more than welcome!

Happy #SixforSunday‘ing everyone!

S x

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