FREE-Day: Reading Bingo!

Good morning!

Today is something a little bit different! Last Monday, I posted a little resource of things to do inside with kids. The response to that was lovely, so I decided to share another one of my favourite resources.

Today I’m sharing a few of my Book Bingo templates.

There’s 4 different templates in each download (one document is in colour and the other is in black and white!) and you can use them however you like!

You can use them in the traditional book bingo way (read a book to fill one of the prompts) however you may wish to change it up and do it differently. You could use it as a quiz type activity:

Can the children name a book for each of their different squares?

Give children the name of a book and see which of their squares it matches. 

Ask children to suggest books which fit the categories on their board and see if anyone else can also cross it off on theirs.

Go on a scavenger hunt around your house for books.

Write a “To Read List” of books from your categories and when the library is open again, go and get those books out of the library.

Write a “Recommended Reading List” of books they’ve read and would recommend to other people from each of the categories listed on their board.

There’s loads of different ways you can use these templates if you want to! As I say, there’s 2 different versions of the document (colour and black+white). There’s 4 different bingo boards in the packs! 

Reading Bingo B&W

Reading Bingo Colour

Let me know if you’ve downloaded it and if it’s useful! I’m quite happy to keep producing these little documents if they’ll be of use, so let me know what kind of other things that would be useful.

S x 

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