A-Z of indoor activities!

Good morning!

Today is something a little bit different!

Today I’m sharing my A-Z of things to do indoors – this could be something for kids to tick off doing in the coming weeks! It could be something for parents to look at using with their kids for when they seem to be bored. I’ve included a pdf at the bottom of this blog post if you wanted to print off the list and tick it off!



A – Alphabet games

There are loads of different games you can play with the alphabet: play one of the well known ones or come up with your own one! Get your children to make up the rules and have a lot of fun!

B – Board games

We all know we have board games in a box or a cupboard somewhere that we forget about and that come out at Christmas. Now is the perfect time to get them out. Introduce your children to a new one, or even make your own board game!

C – Colouring in

Good old colouring in! Can always be relied on.

D – Dance party

Put on some music and get your children to have a dance around. Dancing is brilliant for your mood!

E – Exercise

Get moving! Whether that’s going for a walk, doing some short Youtube videos or playing different games, don’t forget to keep moving!

F – Fancy dress/fashion show

Tell your children they’re putting on a fashion show. They have to get dressed up for different things (going to meet the queen, going to the park, a fancy dress party) and then get them to have a fashion show in your house!

G – Gadget time

Give your children some time on their gadget (whatever it is they have!).

H – Help around the house

Ask your children to help you doing jobs around the house. They could collect the bins, bring down the washing, make their beds, open the curtains: whatever it is, get your children to help you around the house (it’ll save you from doing it and gives them a sense of responsibility!)

I – Play i-spy

We all know how to play i-Spy! There’s loads of games like iSpy that you can play with your children. It’ll keep them thinking. You could play the colour version, the standard letter version or your very own version!

J – Jigsaws

Every house has jigsaws that (like the board games) get forgotten about. Jigsaws are great for children’s brain – doing them practises a lot of skills! Get out the jigsaws and get playing.

K – Kitchen time

Take your children into the kitchen and teach them how to cook something or get them to help you cooking. Kids love getting into the kitchen! Plus, there’s lots of different skills needed in the kitchen!

L – Learn something new

It might be a new language, a new dance, a new anything – learning new things is crucial! Try and get your children learning something new every day – it’s what they’d be doing at school.

M – Play make believe

Let your kids use their imaginations. Give them a cardboard box and tell them to turn it into whatever they want. A kids imagination is so important! Let them be silly!

N – Watch Newsround

Keep your children up to speed with what’s happening in the world in a way which is accessible for them. Newsround is a brilliant source of news for children. Talk to your children about what they saw and how they feel.

O – Build an obstacle course

Indoor or outdoor (if you have a space) an obstacle course can be a brilliant thing that keeps kids entertained for ages! They don’t need much, if anything to create an obstacle course!

P – Write a letter to a home penpal

Asking children to write a letter to someone far away might be a little bit tricky, but ask them to write a secret letter to someone in the house to leave around and let the person find it and they’d be all about it!

Q – Quiz time

Ask children to create their own quiz, or come up with a quiz for your children to do! A brilliant way to keep children’s brains ticking over. You can find loads online if you don’t want to come up with your own!

R – Reading

READ READ READ. Read together. Read to your children. Get them to read to you. Read quietly, read loudly, read in silly voices, read in silence. Just read. Read. Read.

S – Scavenger hunt

Hide something in one of the rooms of your house (or in the living room) and tell your children they have to go and find it. Either give them clues or tell them they have to find it. You could play hot and cold (hot being close and cold being nowhere near)

T – Tent building or fort building

Who doesn’t love a fort? All you need is a blanket, 2 different places to drape it from and voila! You have a fort. They could take their books, their colouring or their gadgets into their fort.

U – Use your brain

If your child has access to different Maths or spelling games (either from school or online), then give them time to do these things. If you’d like recommendations, let me know!

V – Visit a museum (virtually)

There’s loads of different museums, aquariums and zoos that you can visit virtually. Check out the websites for the different places and find out lots about different animals, history and geography!

W – Writing

Writing anything, anything at all, will be brilliant! Get them to write diaries, poems, stories, book reviews… whatever they want!

X – X marks the spot

Create your very own treasure maps – this is a super easy and fun activity to do with your children!

Y – Yoga

Do a bit of yoga. Brilliant for developing strength and balance. Loads of different videos on Youtube to help!

Z – Zzzzzzzzz

Have a nap or some quiet time. Time to be quiet is just as important as noisy time!


If you found this blog post useful, let me know! I’d love to do more things like this. These different activities are available to download below:

A-Z of Indoor activities (Black and white)

A-Z of Indoor activities (Colour)

S x

2 thoughts on “A-Z of indoor activities!

  1. Astrid says:

    These are so cool! I initially thought you were participating in the April #AtoZChallenge And this was your theme reveal. Seeing all of them in one place is so great. I’m going to use some of these as inspiration for my A to Z, which doesn’t have a theme so don’t worry, I won’t be copying your ideas.


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