S4S – Family fortunes?

Morning #SixforSunday-ers!

How are you this fair Sunday? As I type this, I am sitting at home, but as this is posting I will be in London having a wonderful time.

This week’s prompt sees us thinking

Six characters we’d like to have in our families

This is one of those prompts that once I started there were LOADS of names… but it took me a while to get started! (Yes, I know, I come up with these prompts… that doesn’t make it any easier for me ha!)

  1. Bad Nana – Bad Nana series by Sophy Henn
    Bad Nana is bloody loads of fun. She would be a brilliant nana to have around. Causing mischief, having fun and generally just being a bit mad everywhere she goes.
  2. Coach – Run series by Jason Reynolds
    He would be a brilliant dad/uncle to have around. He always is full of brilliant advice and inspiring those kids to do their best. I’m a big fan of Coach, so I reckon he’d be great to have in my family!
  3. Matilda Pages – Pages and Co by Anna James
    If she was in my family, that would mean I could visit her grandparents incredible library and maybe go bookwandering with her (let’s be honest, we’d ALL love that!!)
  4. Caro Kerber-Murphy – The Love Hypothesis by Laura Steven
    HER DADS. If she were in my family, that would mean her dads were. They’re hilarious and everything I need in uncles, so THEM.
  5. Emily – No Big Deal by Bethany Rutter
    I don’t have a big sister, but I think Emily would make a brilliant big sister or cousin for me. Or even younger. I just would love to spend time with her. I think she’s bloody brilliant (along those same lines, I’d love to have Jemima Small in my family so I could hug her and tell her she’s bloody brilliant)
  6. Izzy O’Neill – The Exact Opposite of Okay by Laura Steven
    Izzy seems to get a place in most of my #SixforSunday prompts, but I think that’s testament to how much I love her. She’s a BLOODY hilarious character and she’d be a great cousin/sister. I bet she’d let you borrow her ID and everything. She’d definitely have plenty tales to tell! (Plus, it would mean Betty and Carson would be in my life too!)

So there you go… characters and their related families (not cheating at all) that I would LOVE to have in my family!

Who have you chosen to put in your family? I’m proper curious to see what everyone chose for this week! I wonder if you all found it hard like me… or if it was easy!

Thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #SixforSunday for me to share on twitter! I love you all!

S x


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