S4S – Bookish resolutions

Hello hello friends!

Welcome to 2020 #SixforSunday! I can’t wait to see you all joining in, if anyone does at all join in. If no one does, that’s equally fine! I’ll be here flying the #SixforSunday flag forever!

We’re here for the first prompt of 2020 and it’s a biggie:

Six bookish resolutions

Now, I’m not a big resolution kind of gal, but I’ve managed to kind of cobble together 6 “resolutions” for my reading and my blogging life, so hopefully I’ll be able to follow through with them!

  1. Continue to read whatever I am in the mood for. 
    In 2019, I didn’t make TBR lists because I’m SO MUCH of a mood reader. I would HATE to have a TBR and then not stick to it. So I am pledging to sticking to being a “mood reader” in 2020!
  2. Don’t put pressure on myself.
    Whether that’s to read what everyone else is reading, or to do what ever everyone else is doing, I’m just gonna do me and that’s how I’m going to be happiest I think!
  3. Try and be better at Instagramming my books! 
    I go through periods where I’m great at Instagramming the books I get/am reading, and then I go through periods where I am just plain shocking. I do enjoy Instagram. It’s my second fave after Twitter. I have the same username on both platforms (@eenalol) if you want to follow me!
  4. Get better at recommending.
    I see people looking for recommendations all over Twitter and I’m not the kind of eprson to just interject myself into their conversation. I will openly give recommendations if you come to me, but if people are just asking on Twitter, I’m likely to stay quiet. I know books, they’re my thing, I should deem my knowledge as worthy enough to share it!
  5. Unhaul/pass on books more readily! 
    I’m a bit of a hoarder of books to be honest. I’m great at passing books on to friends when I see them and I’ll get round to taking books into school every few weeks, but in a few weeks a lot of books tend to pile up! I wanna be better at getting books into school so that I’m not having to put loads of books on the library system at once!
  6. Not getting caught in “hype”.
    I do this pretty well, but I just want to keep it up to be honest. I’m not a big fan of hype (see my STILL unready copy of THUG and my reading SoC years after it was released) so I try and just appreciate all of the people reading the book/watching the thing and then when it’s all died down, I swoop in. That’s just how I roll.

The prompts for January – March are live on my blog now, so don’t forget to bookmark those if you are wanting to join in #SixforSunday over the next few months!

Below are the banners that I’m going to be using for this month’s prompts if you want to use them! I’ll put the banners for the month ahead on the first prompt of the month (if I remember! If I forget then just shout at me!) You don’t need to use them at all, but I’m happy for you to use them!

S4S Jan 2019 week 1S4S Jan 2020 week 2S4S Jan 2020 week 3S4S Jan 2020 week 4

Thank you for joining in! See you next week for more #SixforSunday fun!

S x

14 thoughts on “S4S – Bookish resolutions

  1. Astrid says:

    These are great resolutions. I’m a mood reader too and I want to keep it that way too. By the way, where can we link up our posts or do we just share them here in the comments? I haven’t written one yet, but would love to join in.


  2. Rachael says:

    Great resolutions! I’m with you on number two – I need to put less pressure on myself to read everything and blog everything and ‘keep up’ too…although most of my own goals begin with ‘Read more…’ so I’m not sure I’m off to the best start at no pressure!


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