S4S – Books with blue covers

Good afternoon friends and foes alike!

How are you on this chilly Sunday day? I hope it is warmer where you are than it is in Newcastle as it is CHILLY. I say that… in the sun it’s warm enough, but in the shade it is CHILLLLLL.

Anyway, enough of my whinging about the cold. You’re here for this week’s #SixforSunday post and I’m loving seeing what you all are sharing! Share your link in the comments for everyone to go and check out! This week’s theme was:

Books with blue covers

Now as I recently realised, I read a lot of books with blue covers, so I literally could have been here for EVER showing you different ones. I’m going to try and share 6 books that I don’t share often in the hopes of recommending something new to everyone! I’ll also share my Goodreads review too so you can see what I thought of the book!

Storm Witch: Storm’s story is brilliantly told and I am very curious about what’s to come. This is perfect for Y5+! Danger, magic and acceptance are encapsulated in this story, with a dash of the importance of being kind. I loved the sense of community life on the island and Storm’s kind, if not a bit stubborn, nature!

Look Both Ways: Just finished this and it’s a proper delight. Jason Reynolds keeps writing absolute winners. This book tells the same walk home from a wonderful mix of characters and I just adored each of them. The friendship, the love, the sense of community in the book gave me such warm vibes. The stories are the perfect length and I think this would make an absolutely wonderful read aloud to a Y5/6 class!

Frostheart: GUYS. This is exceptional. It’s fun, daring, dangerous and cool. I absolutely loved my journey on Frostheart with Ash and the crew. A proper icy cold ride, with a massive heart. The illustrations throughout add so much too. Absolute smasher!

Amelia Fang: I love Amelia Fang stories and they just keep being wonderful! They’re full of fun and gorgeous illustrations!

All The Things We Never Said: Well this is bloody amazing. It made me cry, made me cross and made me happy. I don’t have words right now for this. The power of friendship, but also the power of negative thoughts is discussed in this book.

The Boy Who Steals Houses: Deary me. Sam – what a pickle you find yourself in. This book is just magnificent. I am a crying mess. This book is hard edges and summers days. It’s light and dark. It’s love and hate. It’s everything I needed. The thing that really makes this book is it’s characters. I just adored every single thing.

And there you have it! My 6 books with blue covers!

Don’t forget to share your link in the comments so me and other people can check out your #SixforSunday post!

See you next week!

S x

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