S4S – Snowy books

Hello friends

How are you all doing? Welcome to a brand new month here at #SixforSunday where we are taking a new load of prompts! November sees the weather taking a turn for the chilly and therefore our prompts are a little chillier!

Today we are taking on:

Books with snow/ice in the title!

I found this trickier than I should have ha!

I went ALL SNOW. ALL OF THE SNOW ALL OF THE BOOKS. (I hate snow in reality! It’s lush to look at, but if I have to go out and be a human in the snow I am NOT down with that!)

I can’t wait to see if you all struggled with that as much as I did (ha!).

Thank you so much for sticking with me this year! If you have any ideas for prompts for #SixforSunday for 2020 then let me know! I’m going to do some thinking over the next few days and I’ll post the prompts before the end of the month!

You’re all amazing! See you next week for ‘Books with blue covers’ 

S x

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