S4S – Baddies who deserve their own stories

Hello there!

How are we all on this lovely Sunday? It is a lot sunnier today than it has been this week (which makes me very happy). This weather is ironic considering what today’s topic of #SixforSunday‘ing is! I’m loving this month’s tags (I know I shouldn’t say that cause it’s my tag, but whatever!) and it’s really fun seeing what you all think too! 

Today’s topic of thought is:

Baddies who deserve their own stories

Now those of you who know me know that I am a BIG fan of a hero, but I have to say, I do enjoy a good villain EVERY now and again! I chose all of these for the same reason: I want to know WHY they are the people they have become!

  1. Vespus – State of Sorrow duology
    So much hatred for this man. He might be the actual worst. I want to understand where he got it from, LIKE WHY VESPUS?! 
  2. Mayor Longsight – Ink trilogy
    Gosh I hate him. He’s such a BAD person, but I think knowing his life story would be REALLY interesting. 
  3. Father John – After the Fire
    I’m sure he doesn’t see himself as a villain, but I most certainly do. I’d love to delve deeper into his psyche to know what makes him tick. 
  4. Beck’s mam – A Thousand Perfect Notes
    This book BROKE MY SOUL. Beck is such an angel and his mam is an absolute COWBAG (I want to use stronger, more sweary words, but I shall refrain!)
  5. Scythe Goddard – Scythe trilogy
    THIS MAN IS ONE OF THE WORST. I don’t wanna spoil it for people who haven’t read Scythe yet (if you haven’t, then why haven’t you please?!), but my gosh, he’s a BAD person.
  6. Miss Trunchbull – Matilda
    She’s like the WORST headteacher in fiction. How she got that job is beyond me. But I’d love to know what made her so horrible!

And there you go, my 6 baddies who I want to see a backstory from. Some surprises, some not so surprises!

Remember to share yours using #SixforSunday

See you next week for Couples who deserve a sequel (we know I love a good ship!)

S x 

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