Today is the last #SixforSunday celebrating all things Pride. But let’s be honest, my life is all about celebrating pride, so expect to see some more things about it in the future! 

A quick thank you from me to say thank you to everyone who has suggested books for me to read, or characters for me to discover, in the past month or so. I’m all about diversifying my reading pile, so please keep suggesting me books! 

Today’s #SixforSunday is:

What’s still on my LGBTQ+ TBR pile!?

So these are either newly recommended books to me, or books I own that I still haven’t got round to reading!

I already own 2 of these, I need to get to buying/borrowing the others! 

See you next week for March’s #SixforSunday theme of  ‘An ode to…’, starting with your favorite author. 

S x 

16 thoughts on “S4S – LGBTQ+ TBR

  1. Kelly says:

    TBDATE and AGGTVAV are both on my list to read. I keep hearing amazing things about both of them, except now I’m reading the comments on this post and I’m a bit scared to pick up TBDATE haha! I’ve heard from a few people that Adam Silvera enjoys destroying people with his books 😂


  2. booksmagick says:

    I haven’t read a single one of these either yet *sighs* but I hope to get round to picking them up soon, seeing as I already own 2 of these books ❤


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