S4S – Advice for new bloggers

Hello there friends! How are we all this last Sunday of September? Have you had a lovely month? What have you done that makes you smile?

Today’s #SixforSunday is all about:

Advice for new bloggers

Now, I do not feel qualified in the slightest to give this advice and I think this advice is as much for me as it is for “new bloggers”.

  1. You do you – this is your blog, you do it how you want to do it. You’re not posting about the same things that you see everyone else is? You don’t set your blog up the way everyone else does? Someone tells you you should be doing something that you don’t want to? Don’t worry about them… your blog, your rules. 
  2. Don’t do something just because everyone is – linked to the first one, just because everyone else is talking about a certain book, doesn’t mean you should be. I was LATE to the Simon party, but that doesn’t matter. 
  3. There is no set schedule – I remember vividly when I first started blogging asking how often everyone posted because I thought there was a rule for how often you should blog. Nope. There’s not. You do you. Post daily, 3 times a week, weekly, monthly… whatever feels right for you.
  4. Do it for the love – I blog because I love to blog. If I ever don’t love it, I’ll stop. Whatever your reasons for blogging are, know that you have to have the love for it above everything else.
  5. Say thank you – whether it’s to fellow bloggers, authors, publicists… say thank you. If they comment, send you something, tell you they read your review, email you, link up to your blog… thank you is a powerful 2 words. I try and use them as often as I can.
  6. Don’t think you need professional equipment to be a blogger – you don’t need a fancy camera to be a blogger. I use my phone. You use what you have at your disposal. 

Basically, blog because you love it and you do you.

Thanks for coming along to #SixforSunday

See you next week for: Best debut books!

S x


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