What’s in my bag?

My brilliant friend Cora mentioned that she was doing a “What’s in my bag?” blog post and I thought this was a great idea. It’s not quite bookish BUT because I’m a nebby person, I’d love to see what is in everyone’s bags. I thought I’d start by sharing my bag!


This is my trusty backpack. I got it in the Accessorize sale last year and I really love it. It’s a lovely grey colour and it’s just big enough to fit everything I need in. I do think I’m going to have to change it out for a bigger bag soon though, it doesn’t hold anything particularly big!


This is all of the stuff that I carry in my backpack on a daily basis (excluding my phone and my headphones!)


First up and most importantly: I always carry a book! My book lives in the FairyLoot bag for safe keeping (on the day I took these pictures I actually was carrying 2 books in my bag, I’m not sure why either!). As well as a book, there’s my sunglasses (prescription sunglasses are a game changer kids), an umbrella (it’s Newcastle, it’s autumn… rain will happen), chewing gum and a surprise chocolate bar! (These mint chocolate bars are exceptional, go treat yourself to one!)


Next up, some life essentials. My purse (I got in a few years ago in the Cath Kidston sale, it was a pure bargain), my bus pass, my Oyster card and my portable charger. I generally don’t go anywhere without these things. Apart from my phone, my bus pass is the most important thing I carry around with me.


You know you’re a teacher when… you carry around a million pens. The last time I cleared out my bag I found 18 pens (18 yes, what do I think I need that many pens for?!) This time round we have 11 pens… which is still a fair few. Also the obligatory receips and a pay slip from February (why is it still in my bag?!)


It seems the majority of my bag is made up of these things. I am not sure why I have 2 different hand sanitisers or 4 different lip balm type products… I recently added the make up wipes to my bag because I am a lover of finding new lipstick shades (the NYX lipstick there is one of my most recent acquisitions… I am a lover of NYX products) and walking around with lipstick on my hand was never a good look. There’s the standard deodorant and body spray too. Plus some glass nail files which I am a complete convert to! I love that hand cream too – I have one in my bag, one in my bedroom and one in my classroom!

And there you go! A very quick, whistlestop tour of my handbag. I hope you enjoyed it! I was surprised there weren’t more receipts or rubbish to get rid of!

S x


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