As many of you know,  I am FINALLY a qualified teacher and I have my own classroom, my own class… is it terrifying? YES. Was week 1 exhausting? Yes. Was it the very best? YES SO MUCH.

I’ve had so many kind words from everyone and it makes my heart so happy! Thank you everyone!

I put a poll out last week to ask who would want a little tour of my classroom and there was a resounding amount of you who were interested in seeing my classroom, so here we go!

First up we have my SMARTboard – where yes, I have lovely little lights around it. My kids absolutely love the lights. They tell me off if I don’t have them on. They’re not distracted by them either, which is super lush. We also have (when you first come in the classroom) a little display which is all about the different kind of person we are in the classroom. It’s so important for me that kids feel like the classroom is a place they can be whoever they want to be. I’m there to nurture a WHOLE learner, not just make them a more intelligent being.

My English wall is next up – I have some lush ideas for my English wall in the coming weeks. My pink little speech bubble is going to be where I write the topic/text type we are working on in that unit. The pencils are one of my favourite things in my classroom. I originally printed them from Twinkl to use as bunting, but I made them too small so I decided to repurpose them as display. My kids have already started using them as a reference point! The other display things are part of an incredible Word Gang, created by my friend Jack. You should go over to his website Verbivore Teacher to find out more about the Word Gang. I can’t wait to start using them fully in the classroom!

Then we have my whiteboard. On my whiteboard, there’s the date and my visual timetable (which my kids love!) which are both from Twinkl. I’m a massive fan of Twinkl for their display resources. There’s also a voice -meter, which I use to indicate the level of noise in the classroom. Next, we have my windows looking onto the yard with my “word of the day” sign (I will eventually be writing all of the words of the day on the window in trusty old chalk pens) and my YET posters which I created (and I’m not gonna lie, I love them!). The final picture is of my ‘I wonder…’ window. The children have the chance to ask questions about anything and I make time weekly to answer as many questions as I can. This will eventually become a science focused I wonder display, but for now, I’m getting the children comfortable with asking questions and being curious.


This is my focal area. We have a prayer box which the children are encouraged to use when they want to pray for someone. We open the box and use these prayers during our class liturgy times. There’s also my noticeboard which will change weekly depending on the statement to live by for the week!

Lastly for now is my Maths area. Like my English area, the blue speech bubble will be used according to the topic we are covering. It’ll be used for a reasoning activity that the children will be encouraged to attempt. I created these “maths talk” speech bubbles for children to refer to when they are answering questions. Again, the place value cards are from Twinkl.

I could go on about my classroom for hours. If you have any questions about anything, or want to see more of something, let me know in the comments and I will certainly aim to help!

S x

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