BLOG TOUR: Floored

Today is an exciting day here at A Little But A Lot. Today’s post is a little different to normal. Today is my stop on the group tour for the brilliant Floored.

The way this worked is: bloggers were grouped into 7s (just like there were 7 authors for the original novel) and then we each had to use one of the first lines of the characters as inspiration for a post. As you can see from the blog tour graphic, I was paired with some brilliant bloggers (all of the links to their blogs are at the bottom of this post) for this venture and I even managed to get the line I most wanted!

Today’s post is an ode to the North East, inspired by Hugo’s disgust of the North. 


“God, the North is ghastly”

Well actually Hugo, the North isn’t.

As a very proud Geordie, I am here today to tell you all about the wonderful things the North East has to offer you, in particular Newcastle and its surrounding areas.

If you type in “things to do in the North East” in Google, you get 522 million results. That’s not too shabby for somewhere “grim”. If you scroll through these things, you find castles, museums, theatres, beaches, catherals, bridges, churches, ruins from Roman times… the list goes on.

Hugo, man of taste, do you want to see a play? We have you sorted – you have MANY choices! The Theatre Royal and Sunderland Empire to name just two of the biggest theatres around. That’s not to mention to copious amounts of other places you can go.
Do you want to see some beautiful architcture? I can name many a street and building for you to look out. In particular, check out Grey Street in Newcastle (once voted most beautiful street in Britain!) and have a wander along the Quayside (my favourite place to visit).
Bored of people and need somewhere nice to stay? We have hotels a plenty – both big chains and smaller, more quaint ones too!
Need a park or somewhere green to get some fresh North air (to help get rid of some of that Southern air from your lungs)? There’s an awful lot of greenery up here in the North – we have a multitude of parks and there are plenty of National Trust sites to visit.

So now you’ve got plenty to keep you busy, what about the people? Geordies, and Northerners, are famous for being WONDERFUL. Often voted the friendlier and more welcoming than Southerners, you’re guaranteed a warm smile and even a conversation on public transport (imagine that… PEOPLE WHO TALK TO YOU!) Athough Hugo, I’m sure you’ll only be travelling by taxi, none of this public transport lark… don’t worry, we’ve many a taxi company to keep you driven around, with taxi drivers who will talk to you!

Now you’ve things to know, you know you’re welcome… what about food and drink? Well… let’s start with the obvious, Greggs. A wonderful Northern thing that is not a thing which the South has (as far as I’m aware). It is cuisine at its finest. Nothing better. But besides Greggs, we have many a restaurant, for many a cuisine type. Name me a cuisine from the world and I can find you an incredible restaurant that will satisfy your hunger. I can offer you many a glorious restaurant for breakfast too, and we all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Besides that there’s also PLENTY of places to drink. For all Northerners are known to be the ones in the papers who don’t wear coats (a truth, we don’t often!) and fall over because we’re drunk, the booze up here is MUCH cheaper than the South! Plenty of bars, some with incredible views of the river, to drink in all night long! 

So Hugo, instead of judging the North before you really KNOW the North… why don’t you give us a visit, check out some of the things we have to offer and then we can talk again. This was just a whistlestop tour of what we have to offer…

Love, A very proud Geordie. xx

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