Twinkl originals

Morning everyone! How are we all today? 

As you know I am a MASSIVE advocate for reading within school (and in my life outside of school, lets be real) and finding more books to read in school, which can be used in the classroom, is always a brilliant way to get books into classrooms. 

As a school, we have a Twinkl subscription and we are occasionally sent copies of their Originals books and I have to say that they’re brilliant. We have used all of the ones that we have been sent across the school and they’re brilliant to be used as one offs, or can be used as a topic. (I did have pictures to put in this post for examples of work and the children using the books, but technology never quite does what you want it to and they were deleted, sad face!)

There’s a WIDE variety of books available, covering all kinds of topics. Books suitable for EYFS to KS2 and beyond, depending how you use them! As you can see from the pictures there’s new ones and they’re being added all of the time! Check out all of the collection here – there’s some amazing books to use!

Twinkl 1

Twinkl 2

One of our favourites is Ronald the Rhino. This is one of the first originals that we recevied. If you want to know about tis one, I posted all about Ronald the Rhino! book here. The synopsis reads: “Meet the wiggliest, jiggliest rhino in the forest! Ronald the Rhino is big and strong, but he doesn’t believe that he is as special as his forest friends. Follow Ronald on his journey of discovery in this powerful story about embracing your uniqueness.” 

He’s gone down brilliantly with our KS1 children in partricular! (For resources linked to Ronald the Rhino, click here!)

Capture twinkl 2

I know in EYFS and KS1 in particular they have used Sparks in the Sky – Bo is excited to see her first fireworks. Join her as she enjoys the sights, sounds and smells of Bonfire Night with her big brother, Leo. A heartwarming tale to celebrate this magical night – all about bonfire night and it produced a wonderful display. For resources linked to that book, check here

Capture twinkl

One of the newer ones that I definitely want to try out with the KS2 kids is Our Teachers are Superheroes. “When Freya and Benji suspect that their teachers may be real-life superheroes, they set out on a mission to discover their secret identities. However, the superpowers they uncover may not be what they were expecting! Follow their adventures as they try to expose the truth…” 

As we all know teachers ARE superheroes, so having a book based on this is brilliantly fun. I’ve downloaded it ready to use (it comes in ebook form, Mac form or PDF form, all very helpful depending on which computers you use at school!) As with Ronald the Rhino (and the rest of the originals collection) there are resources aplenty to go with the book – click here. There’s ideas for English and Maths obviously, but I love that there’s Art activities and PE activities linked too! There’s all sorts. 

There’s so many different books that I could go on about them for hours! Check back in the next few weeks to see how I get on with working with a few more of the books. 

Have you read any of the Twinkl Originals?
Which one would you like to read most?
Do teachers really have superpowers? 
What is your superpower?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments or on twitter (@eenalol). 

S x

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