S4S – film interpretations of books

ALOHA. The final Sunday in February. WHEN HOW WHY?

Welcome to another #SixforSunday. Today I’m sharing my dream film adaptations in today’s prompt:

Film interpretations of books

So I technically cheated but I went with books I’d LOVE to see as films

  1. The Sin Eater’s Daughter trilogy – Melinda Salisbury
    CAN YOU IMAGINE IF THIS WAS MADE FOR THE BIG SCREEN? Golly. I would be there SO HARD. The world building, Twylla, the story, the deception. I WANT IT SO BAD.
  2. Goodbye, Perfect – Sara Barnard
    I think this would be a really interesting one to see on the big screen. I would certainly love to see it. 
  3. One of Us Is Lying – Karen M. McManus
    I think this could be a totally massive hit. The book is exceptional and I think it would translate BRILLIANTLY to the big screen. 
  4. The Fandom – Anna Day
    Another one that I think would be an interesting one to put on the screen. Doing the two stories in one film, I’d love to see how they would do it.
  5. A Place Called Perfect – Helena Duggan
    A kids’ book but I think the deliciously devilish nature of it would be perfect for the big screen.
  6. Rebel of the Sands trilogy – Alwyn Hamilton
    The desert, the magic, Amani and Jin, the incredible friendships. I NEED THIS TO HAPPEN. 

MAN. Now I want ALL of these to happen. PLEASE SOMEONE GET ON WITH IT.

Share your thoughts in the comments and share your #SixforSunday with me on twitter! I’d love to see the books you want to see on the big screen! 

S x

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