#FeminismFriday – Laura Steven


Today is the final #FeminismFriday of the month of February and I’m very sad it’s over. It’s been an absolute pleasure highlighting some of my favourite women. Today, I’m featuring an author who I was introduced to quite recently, Laura Steven, who has written one of the most incredible books I’ve ever read: The Exact Opposite of Okay.

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Here we go…

5 reasons why I love Laura Steven

  1. Izzy O’Neill
    For those of you who don’t know TEOOO, it is about a young girl called Izzy O’Neill who ends up caught up in a slut shaming situation and the way in which she deals with it, the way the world looks at her. Izzy is one of the most honest, funniest and sassiest main characters I have come across in a long time. There was a LOT of cackling going on when I read TEOOO. I can’t wait for the second one because I need more Izzy O’Neill sass in my life.
  2. The Exact Opposite of Okay
    So it’s BRILLIANT. It’s necessary. It talks about things we need it to talk about. It stands up for women. It makes very valid points. It has an incredibly gorgeous cover. It’s a book that I hope will make a LOT of noise in 2018. It’s just brilliant. Girls you need to read it. 
  3. How quickly we became friends
    We met at a book event in Newcastle, per chance, and we bonded over our shared love of nachos. We very quickly became friends. She’s one of those brilliant humans who just makes me smile a lot. She’s one of those people who I know I’ll be friends with forever, and not just because we both love nachos. 
  4. Her sheer joy any time someone compliments her book
    Being friends with Laura now it is such a brilliant moment when she sees someone being complimentary about hyer book and how excited she gets. She’s so lush and her book is brilliant. If you read it and love it, tell her because it makes her so happy and I get brilliant texts! 
  5. Her amazing sense of humour
    There’s not a day goes by when I don’t think about TEOOO and laugh. There’s some absolute corkers of quotes in that book. Laura’s sense of humour, her tales of her life and Izzy’s brilliant calamity of a life are just wonderful. 

So there we go. Just 5 reasons why I love Laura Steven and The Exact Opposite of Okay

The Exact Opposite of Okay is out March 8th, but available to preorder (do it do it do it)! There’s also an event on at Waterstones Newcastle to celebrate the release, on March 7th (tickets available here – you should totally come because Katie Webber will ALSO be there… so will I!) . Come along! 

S x

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