Happiness is…

A smile from a friend. A bunch of flowers. Tom Fletcher’s wedding speech. Watching videos of friends. The twiglets. Sunshine. Books. Texts from friends. Chocolate. Eating jellies. A cup of a tea on a cold morning. Going back to school. Seeing my friends. Knowing the beach is only half an hour away. Derek. Being able to go into a book shop and just look. Following my dream. Going to the cinema with friends. Blogging. Reading. Books. A comfy bed. Olympic medals (not my own, obvs). Warm blankets on cold days. Authors. The strength of the human spirit. People supporting each other. SundayYA. Working with the most amazing bunch of people. Twitter friends. Tweacher friends. More books. Starbucks Sundays. Even more books. Knowing I have an amazing support system for when I need it most. Friends. Always friends.

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