S4S – Favourite fictional animals

Hello, it’s Sunday again!

Another Sunday means another #SixforSunday. 

I’d like to take a little minute to thank everyone for joining in with my little #SixforSunday meme! If you’ve joined in forever, once or twice, or are thinking about joining in, I am super thankful. You’re all brilliant!

Today’s prompt is:

Favourite ficitonal animals

I thought this would be easier than it actually was, but I managed 6 eventually!

  1. Aslan (The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe)
    I couldn’t NOT include Aslan.
  2. Mr Fox (Fantastic Mr. Fox)
  3. Charlotte (Charlotte’s Web)
  4. Robin Hood (let’s go with Disney’s Robin Hood)
  5. The Gruffalo (he’s technically an animal, right?)
  6. Coco (Sky Chasers)

There we go! 6 literary animals that I adore. I have a particular soft spot for Disney’s Robin Hood and Aslan. 

Share your #SixforSunday with me! Link me to your blog! I’m loving all of the #SixforSunday posts! 

S x

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