#FeminismFriday – Sara Barnard

Last week, I introduced you all to #FeminismFriday, a feature I’m doing for February. Where I celebrate an awesome woman, or women, in my life (either directly or indirectly). Last week was Melinda Salisbury, my queen, and this week I’m featuring yet another incredible UK YA author, the leader of #teamBarnard: Sara Barnard.

For those who do not know Sara’s books… YOU PROBABLY SHOULD. 

So here we go,

5 reasons I love Sara Barnard

  1. She’s not afraid to write about “tough” topics
    Beautiful Broken Things deals with abuse; A Quiet Kind of Thunder deals with deafness/selective mutism; Goodbye, Perfect deals with taboo relationships (student/teacher). I love that Sara doesn’t shy away from these topics and she writes them incredible well. 
  2. Her ability to write BRILLIANT female friendships
    Beautiful Broken Things features female friendships very heavily, as does Goodbye, Perfect. They’re done so exceptionally well – you’ve either been in that situation before or have known someone in that situation before – and they always have very REAL feelings with them. There’s no hiding the bad, but there’s also a very strong connection between her young women. I love them all. So much. Goodbye, Perfect hurt a lot because the reaction, for me, was absolutely perfect, yet heartbreaking.
  3. She has a beautiful cat
    The gorgeous cat features on her twitter and instagram often… you should probably check them both out.
  4. She’s a brilliant human
    She’s one of those just excellent humans. She always has time for my ridiculous questions (and I have a lot) and will answer them all. She’s so lovely in person, when I met her and fangirled pretty hard and she didn’t make me feel stupid.
  5. She tweets EXCELLENT things
    I lover her twitter. Writing Sara is always asking questions to make her books more realistic. She interacts brilliantly with everyone too. Fans, fellow authors, everyone. She retweets some pretty interesting articles too!

Again, I could go on for hours, her quizzing skills are pretty impressive too. She showed them off at #QuizYA last year! 

I’d love to know which women you’re celebrating for #FeminismFriday! Share them on twitter, or in the comments!

S x

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