BLOG TOUR: My Colourful Chameleon

My Colourful Chameleon: fun and perfect for little people!


” A funny, rhyming story about a girl who keeps losing her beloved yet troublesome pet chameleon. It’s not her fault though, changing colour is what chameleons do best! Mum is angry at the disappearing critter, and the girl must convince her that the pet can stay. Can she find away of keeping track of her troublesome pet? This colourful and amusing rhyming tale is perfect for introducing children to the responsibilities involved with pet ownership, as well as learning about different colours”


This book is full of joy and mischief, featuring a little girl and her pet chameleon who always seems to be going missing. Whether he’s in the wool, hiding by the taps or fitting in with the bedding – he’s always going missing! This makes Mum really cross and the little girl gets sad and cross too… she doesn’t want to keep losing her pet! She just wants him to stay visible. She doesn’t want Mum or Dad to take her pet away! 


This book has a brilliant rhythm to it and it has an excellent use of rhyme. There’s some really fun bits in the story and having to try and find the chameleon is lovely. The kids at school really loved trying to find the chameleon and then talking about reasons why a chameleon might hide! Some brilliant links to Science! 


The illustrations in this book are excellent. They’re really vibrant. The kids at school really loved seeing the chameleon change into lots of different colours and were amazed that this was actually a real thing!

Thank you so much Leonie for inviting me onto the blog tour, and to Quarto for sending me a copy! It is well loved in school! 

Would you like a pet chameleon?
What colour would you like to turn if you were to be a chameleon?
If you could have any pet in the world, what would it be and why?

Talk to me! I’d love to hear some weird and wonderful suggestions for pets!

 S xx

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