2 down, 2 to go!

Last week was week 2 in my Second School Placement and what a week it was! It was a total rollercoaster of a week. I had some definite down moments, but there were some real up moments too!

Getting to grips with new kids, behaviour systems and new ways of managing behaviour is definitely the thing I think I have struggled with most so far on SSP. I have to keep reminding myself that unwanted behaviour is not personal.  This is a hard one to accept sometimes. I had a moment this past week where I definitely felt like I wanted to cryit all got a bit much for me. I’m very lucky to have some lovely supportive teachers (and a really supportive Head) to keep me afloat whilst at SSP. 

These brilliant members of staff have definitely helped me to feel more comfortable in school, it’s felt a bit more like home. I’ve no doubt that by the end of this half term (2 weeks time!) that I’ll be sad to leave. 4 weeks somewhere isn’t the longest span of time to settle in and make an impression, but I’m hoping the impression I’m making is positive. I’m trying to throw myself into school life entirely; I’ve been out on the yard in the morning, at break time and at the end of the day; I volunteered to help at choir after school (which I properly loved – it was so lovely to see the kids outside of the classroom). 

I’ve loved being able to teach a range of children – groups in Year 6, whole class in Year 3 and 4. I’m all over the shop, but it’s good. It’s all excellent experience

I had my first formal observation in SSP last week. It was a Science observation in Year 6. The kids were great and my feedback was so positive, with some things to think about. Science is not my comfort zone, so I thought it would be a good one to start with. I’m being observed twice next week, EEEK. My SCITT tutor is coming to see me on Wednesday (I’m teaching a Geography lesson, and possibly Music!) and then on Friday I’m being observed in Mathslet’s hope they stay positive! 

And that’s about it. These weeks feel like they’re dragging but also flying. 

S x

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