2017. What a year.

In 2017, I:

Chased my dream.
Made some brilliant new friends.
Worked hard. 
Felt lonely. 
Went to my first bookish event.
Wrote a dissertation.
Doubted myself most days.
Fell in love with blogging.
Spent time with the people who mean most to me.
Had up and down days.

Read a lot of incredible books.
Felt out of place a lot of the time.
Was sent books from people I completely and utterfly admire.
Started bullet journaling.
Felt like a failure.
Saw my twiglets a lot.

Went to YALC.
Met some of the most incredible twitter people.
Was too self-critical.
Started teacher training.
Watched Beauty and the Beast too many times.
Loved watching my little blog grow.
Received so many incredible books from publishers.
Sang along to my favourite songs at the top of my lungs.
Participated in so many #SundayYA chats. 
Cried because of sadness.
Cried because of happiness.
Watched a lot of Carrie Fletcher videos.
Had the most incredible support.
Fell in love with MG and YA books.
Listened to a lot of Gaston and Moana.

Felt included in the book blogging world.
Visited London multiple times.
Read a few more books.
Saved some money.
Fell over once or twice.
Pushed myself.
Listened to Tom Fletcher’s wedding speech too many times.
Felt out of my comfort zone a lot of the time.
Realised that loving my job, and dedicating my time to my job, is part of who I am.
Never quite felt enough.
Knew that teaching is absolutely the one thing for me.
Watched Ru Paul’s Drag Race A LOT.
Witnessed kindness every single day.
Learned a lot about myself as a teacher.
Learned a lot about myself as a blogger.
Learned a lot about myself as a human.

2017 was an experience. I’m ready for whatever challenges 2018 has (although DEFINITELY quite scared).

S x

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