Best of 2017: YA edition

3 more days of 2017. 3 more days of books. 

As you might’ve seen yesterday, I shared my favourite MG books of 2017. Today, I am sharing my favourite YA books of the year. This year was one filled with absolutely incredible YA books and it was TOUGH to whittle it down to only 12. (Why 12 you ask? A 3×4 is much more aesthetically pleasing to me than a 2×5!)

I’ve properly fallen in love with the whole of YA this year, there’s been some absolute crackers. I’ll give a very brief opinion of the book and share the link to my full review, if that’s your cup of tea. If there isn’t a review up of it right now, there is one scheduled in the near future. I promise. I haven’t included any of the 2018 releases that I’ve read this year, just books released this year or earlier. There’s so many books from this year and earlier I haven’t read yet. I’m hoping 2018 I will be able to read all the ones I didn’t get round to, but for now… I introduce:

The best YA books of 2017

2017 YA best(just like yesterday, these are in no order in particular!)

Wing Jones – Katherine Webber
BOOKBLOG: Katherine Webber
Bravery, brilliance and some properly amazing family moments. I can’t believe it’s been almost a whole year since I read this. Katie is LUSH.

Traitor to the Throne – Alwyn Hamilton
BOOK BLOG: Alwyn Hamilton 2
I absolutely love this work that Alwyn has created. The characters are brilliant and the ballsy attitude of Amani and her friends is just spot on. (If she kills Jin in Hero at the Fall, I will FALL OUT with her!)

The Scarecrow Queen – Melinda Salisbury
BLOG TOUR: The Scarecrow QueenBOOKBLOG: Melinda SalisburyBOOKBLOG: Melinda Salisbury 2 (lol, I love Mel ok?)
If you’re a friend or follower of me, you will know my feelings on this book. I LOVE IT OK. Twylla’s journey from TSED to TSQ is everything. If you’re friends with me and you haven’t read these, then you need to get on it.

Paper Butterflies – Lisa Heathfield
(review to come)
This book BROKE MY HEART. It deals with a pretty dark subject, but there’s moments of light in this book that make it worthwhile. Prepare yourself with lots of tissues.

Ink – Alice Broadway
Oh man, Ink. Ink is something special. Like properly brilliant. I properly want to go and read it again. I can’t wait for the sequel Spark to come out next year.

Countless – Karen Gregory
BOOKBLOG: Karen Gregory
Like Paper Butterflies, this book broke my heart. The last page tops off the heartbreaking-ness. It’s so brilliant though. 

After the Fire – Will Hill
This book came out of nowhere and slapped me in the face with its brilliance. Cults, fire, death, revenge and survival all make for an incredible story.

One of Us Is Lying – Karen M. McManus
BOOKBLOG: Karen M. McManus
Absolutely brilliant. This book continued to impress and stun me as I read. I did not see the ending coming. GO GO GO GO READ IT.

The Loneliest Girl in the Universe – Lauren James
BOOKBLOG: Lauren James
This has one of the most sinister characters I’ve met this year in it and I was SO there for it. It surprised me how much I loved it, but I really did. 

The Call – Peadar O’Guilin
BOOKBLOG: Peadar Ó Guilín
This is an excellent, dark and grim dystopian novel. It surprised me at how dark it was, but I devoured it. It’s just so devilishly good.

Radio Silence – Alice Oseman
BOOKBLOG: Alice Oseman
This was one everyone told me to read, and when I finally got round to it, I was sufficiently impressed. Alice Oseman is an absolute wonder. I devoured Radio Silence in about 3 hours.

A Quiet Kind of Thunder – Sara Barnard
BOOKBLOG: Sara Barnard
This book is special. This book inspired me to learn, and then teach my kids, some sign language. I absolutely adored this book and its exploration of being brave, bold and the need (or lack thereof) to communicate by speaking. Steffi and Rhys’ story is special.

So there you go.
My favourite YA books of 2017.
There are so so so many others that could’ve been on this list, but all of these punched me in the gut and made me feel so intensely that they needed to be here. 2017 has been an incredible year for YA stories. There’s been love, heartbreak, pregnancy, inclusion, exclusion, friendships, laughter, tears. 2018 has a lot to live up to.

What’s on YOUR list?
How many of my books have you read?
How NOT surprised are you that Queen Mel is there?

See you in 2018 for even more brilliant YA books!

S x

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