BOOKBLOG: Kate Jane Neal

Words and Your Heart: beautiful, poignant, perfect for teaching children about kindness.


“Your words are amazing! This book is about your heart. The little bit inside of you that makes you, you!”

I love a picture book (as regular readers of my little blog will know), so when I come across a new picture book that I have never seen, that makes such a big impact on me, I know it is a winner. I came across Words and Your Heart in a supermarket. I’m not going to lie, I picked it up for the incredible cover, but when I read it, it struck a chord. 

Since this week is Anti-Bullying Week in the UK, this book is absolutely PERFECT resource. This book is all about how words have power and that the good and the bad words we say have an impact on people. I’m going to be taking this book and reading it to Year 6. However, this book is PERFECT for Key Stage 1 – I have a firm belief that picture books shouldn’t just be for one Key Stage though. 


The illustrations in this book are gorgeous too. 


There are so many things you can do with this book, with such a wide range of classes. This would be a perfect book for an assembly, story time or PSHE lesson. 


It’s important that children know that their words matter, that their words have power. This book is the perfect book to use to highlight this.

I am so glad I found this book. It came at the perfect time. 

What are your favourite books for teaching kindness?
When you think of “kindness”, what do you think?

Let’s talk!

S x


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