Superbat: fun, beautifully illustrated and educational!


“Pat is an ordinary bat who wants nothing more than to be special. But when he proclaims himself a superbat, the other bats laugh and say that anything he can do, like fly and navigate through the dark, they can do too. Disheartened that his friends have the same superpowers as him, Pat is ready to rip off his cape and throw it away when suddenly his supersonic hearing picks up a terrified cry. A cat has trapped a poor mouse! Without a second thought, Pat quickly flies across the city using his echolocation and saves the mouse from the big, bad cat. His friends, who followed to watch, realize that Pat does have an amazing superpower: courage!”

I was spending some time with my goddaughters last week and they had won Superbat in a competition. Obviously, since I was there, they wanted to read (“because Auntie Spot loves reading“) and as they were so excited about this new book they had won, they chose for us to read Superbat. 


Superbat tells the story of Pat, the bat, who wants to be a superhero but doesn’t feel that he is special enough because the other bats keep telling him they all have the same powers he does (super hearing, flight). He designs his own costume and even dons it, in a very fetching-bat way, but still has no joy. No joy that is until a little mouse is in need. In need of a bat with echo location and super flying skills… plus a bit of bravery! This is where Pat comes in. He swoops and saves the mouse from a scary cat… what a hero! 


The illustrations and the comic-like look of this book is absolutely gorgeous. The use of onomatopoeia all the way through was something that I really liked! There were even some hidden gems of the illustrations which Ruby pointed out and she adored them. 

It’s a perfect book for learning about bats too! Even though the twiglets had some knowledge of nocturnal creatures, they didn’t know so much about bats. There’s a lovely touch on the back page with some bat facts! Created some brilliant talking points! If you’re looking for a good book to go with a superhero, or even a nocturnal animal topic, I think Superbat could be a brilliant starting point! 

Shout out to Poppy for this hilarious (I think, unintentional) joke:

Dad: So, you could say Superbat saved the day.
Poppy: Night dad, he saved the night.

I did chuckle. 

Have you read Superbat?
What would YOUR super power be?
Would you like to see more from my twiglets?

Let me know in the comments, or on twitter! I am always around!

If you’d like to see more from the twiglets, check out their dad’s blog (Dad of Crazy Twins blog) and Twitter (Dad Of Crazy Twins)

S x

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