Letters to… the bookish people

Hello bookish people,

How are you? What are you up to today? What are you reading? Have you told the author you’re reading their book or enjoying their book? Please do. They love it. But don’t tell them if you’re not, cause no one wants to know that. 

I just thought I would write to you all, on this eve of my 1 year blogging anniversary with a few words of thanks. I could end up rambling for a bit because even after a year, I’m not great at not rambling! 

To my fellow book bloggers, I want to give you the biggest thank you. You have supported me and followed me since that first post about Matilda to now and you all amaze me at how brilliant and incredible you all are. I came into blogging as an outlet for me to talk about whatever I want and have come out of it after a year with an incredible bunch of friends, feeling part of one big family. You’ve all welcomed me with open arms and it still amazes me to this day. I get to talk to some of the most amazing and inspiring people every single day and it’s all down to the support I have received. We’ve all thought of giving up at some point, but I kept going because of your encouragement. Whether it’s commenting, tweeting, emailing – you’ve enabled me to keep going. A massive thanks to anyone who’s allowed me to guest post on their blog OR who has guest posted on here. I love hosting guest posts – they make me smile and it’s a brilliant way to introduce myself to new bloggers!

I’ve never had a place to call my own to be the massive book fangirl that I am before, being such a bookish person has often been mocked/looked down on, and now I do, I have a place to use my words how I want and it’s more than I’d ever wished for. I’m a tiny pawn in this massive chess board of blogging and books and opinions, but I feel like there’s definitely a place for me somewhere. I’m just a little old gal from Newcastle with opinions, who loves books, putting my opinions out there. I never expect anyone to read. When people comment or tell me they read it still now astounds me.

I need to take a moment here to thank my fellow Honeyz and #SundayYA crew. I would not have got through the last year and had all of the opportunities that I do if it weren’t for you lot. Cora, Rach, Kelly, Aoife: thank you for everything. You’re the best friends a girl can ask for and I love you all so much. I can’t wait to grow our blogs, and the Blogade with you all. The rest of the #SundayYA friends, I love you all. #SundayYA is my favourite corner of the internet to be in and I have learned so much, had such brilliant conversations and read so many incredible books because of all of you.

My blogging wouldn’t be possible without the incredible authors, publishers and publicists out there either. I am in such a lucky position that I get to receive some incredible books from a variety of publishers, and the fact you’re all willing to send them to me and let me share my opinions astounds me. I just love books! A massive shout out to my book fairy Sarah for all of the incredible books I got when I was just starting out. I’ve been given some amazing opportunities in the past year because of the amazing humans in the world: I’ve been to book launches, invited to take part in blog tours for authors who I admire to the absolute maximum and been to blogger events. Telling me that would happen a year ago I would’ve told you to shut your face. I never dreamed blogging would bring me anything like the opportunities I have had. Authors on twitter: you never fail to amaze me… thank you for all of the conversations, thanks for putting up with me fangirling and all of my questions. It’s an incredible feeling to be able to talk to you and tell you how much I adored your book. Because I do. It’s lovely that I can call you friends and that sometimes that you even read my blog. Now that is mindblowing!

I love blogging. Some people scoff at the fact I blog. But I do it for me. Not anyone else. It’s my creative outlet. It’s my place to talk about what matters to me. I love that you all read – be it daily, weekly or if this is your first post – and even comment. The interactions we have on twitter are the best. The fact something I think resonates or even disagrees with you has opened some incredible conversations and even some silly ones! It’s an honest outlet for me that enables me to have some me time during stressful weeks. I can’t always guarantee my blogs are worth reading, but for me they are always worth writing.

Blogging has brought me some amazing experiences, books and friends. Best friends.

And I am so grateful.

Thank you to everyone. Whoever you are. For supporting me. 

S x

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