Amazing kids books!

I am very lucky in that I read a massively diverse range of books, in both the YA and MG world. I get to share these books with my friends, my colleagues and most importantly… my kids. 

This year has already been filled with some incredible MG books (and we are only half a year down!) so I thought I would share with you some of my favourite MG books that I have read so far. Most, if not all of these, have been passed on to my kids or used in the classroom and I would completely recommend them. Read them, give them to your class, buy them for your kids, go to the library and get them out. It’s important as adults (especially teachers) that we have a breadth of knowledge about MG books, so we can help kids to choose books that will ignite their imaginations and inspire them to read. (More on ‘Why teachers should read MG books’ to come in the next few weeks… it’s something I’m passionate about!) For each book I will share the cover, my Goodreads review and my blog post!


The Bookshop Girl: Sylvia Bishop

BOOKBLOG: Sylvia Bishop

A brilliant tale filled with mystery, magic and delight. I devoured this book quickly and I love the name Property. From the first but of the book to the very end, you have a story that will delight kids. I loved this so much!


Goth Girl – Chris Riddell

Brilliant story about friends, bravery and an evil man. Beautifully illustrated which only adds to the gorgeous details of the story.


There May Be A Castle – Piers Torday

BOOKBLOG: Piers Torday

A brilliant tale of adventure, imagination and friendship. This book encapsulated brilliantly the power of the mind and how brave children can be. The horse made me laugh an incredible amount. I cried a lot at the end.


Who Let The Gods Out – Maz Evans

BOOK BLOG: Maz Evans

An absolute joy to read. Genuinely lovely characters that you care about. A really interesting plot. Just a total joy to read. I can not wait to read more!


The Island At The End of Everything – Kiran Milwood Hargrave

BOOKBLOG: Kiran Milwood Hargrave

Absolutely stunning. Important. Beautiful. Heart wrenching and heart warming. The ending had me in tears. Every classroom, home and library needs this book. Again Kiran has produced a book that deserves so much praise.

There you go! Some of my favourite MG books of the year so far. There are lots more that could have gone on my list, but these are the ones that stand out to me. 

What have been your favourite MG books of the year so far?
Which books can you not wait to read?
Have you read and loved these as much as me?

Comment! Tweet! Share! We need more coverage for kids books! They’re incredibly important. 

S x


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