S4S – Tropes I HATE

Hello Sunday, my old friend! 

A few weeks ago I talked about things that I loved about books, this week I’m going for the opposite… things that really grind on me. “Tropes” or themes in books which really irritate me, that I hate reading.

Six tropes I hate – or at least that annoy me!

  1. Good girl goes bad to be friends with the cool kids – NO. STOP.
  2. Good girl goes bad for the bad boy – AGAIN. STOP.
  3. Boy saves girl – girls do not need saved. We are badass and can save ourselves, should we need saved.
  4. Mental health is cured by girl/boy – this is a RAFT of issues.
  5. Love triangles – they don’t happen as often in real life as they do in books. Stop it.
  6. “Plain Jane” characters who get made over and suddenly become popular – OH GO AWAY.

Ha. Yes. Those things, yes they make books more interesting and sometimes can be quite a turning point in a book but they’re not necessary, always

What are your least favourite tropes?
Is there a kind of trope you think is used too often?
Do you agree with my selection?

Share your #SixforSunday on twitter or link me to your blog post! I would love to know the tropes you hate!

Til next week, 

S x

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