Back to school

Here we go, the final half term of the school year and the final half term of being a HLTA. From September I will officially be a trainee teacher. That’s pretty scary to say the least. Am I ready for it? I think yes. I’m probably NOT but I’m ready to do the thing I love doing all the time. To think this time next year I’ll be qualified or almost qualified scares the life out of me. But I can’t wait. 

I’ve had a glorious half term of reading and not doing much else – there’s a blog post coming up in the next week of how many books I read over half term and it’s the most I’ve ever read. However, I needed to switch off. I’ve had a stressful 2 years of uni and work on top of each other, so to have a half term where I had no uni work has been lovely. I’ve been able to be a person. Yes I should’ve done more school work than I have but yknow what? Sometimes a girl needs a break. And I had mine. I feel so much better for it. I feel like I’ve been off for ages. I don’t normally handle holidays this well. Ask anyone I work with, or my family, and you’ll find out that holidays make me feel at a loss, I’m never quite sure what to do with myself, but this holidays I have read, spent time with my family and just relaxed

What does this half term have in store for me? 

The last half term in schools is always the MOST manic. It’s when everything happens. At my school we have a Year 6 residential to the Lakes TODAY, for 2 nights; there’s 2 sports days, EYFS/KS1 and KS2, which are held at the bowling green up from school; achievement assemblies; MY GRADUATION (how scary); a whole school beach trip; a possible trip with my Y4s on a train (AM I A FOOL FOR TRYING THIS?); running Newspaper Club as well as Out of School Club. ALL OF THE THINGS. Along with the things like reports, decisions about next year and all those school things. 

I’m looking forward to this final half term, as manic and mad as it might be, Summer 2 is one of those half terms where you have to just take the bull by the horns and run with it. 6 weeks of busy, pulling together the year. I am not ready for this year to be over though, I’ve had a lovely year.

What does this half term have in store for you?
Is Summer 2 a busy half term for you?

Let me know in the comments or talk to me on Twitter (@eenalol), I love knowing what’s coming up for everyone! Tweachers are some of my favourite people!

S x

One thought on “Back to school

  1. Vena Isabella says:

    I had no idea what to do with myself after finishing my last university exam! I ended up reading book after book, watching so much Netflix and binge-watching films I’ve already watched a billion times! It was so relaxing. ^.^

    Good luck with the end of your education! 😀


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