Disney sidekicks!

Continuing my Disney week, today I’m going to share my

Favourite Disney sidekicks

Now, to me a sidekick can be the thing that makes or breaks the main character. There are SO MANY brilliant sidekicks in Disney films: from animals, to humans, to robots… all kinds of everything. I have a fondness for lots of different sidekicks in Disney films. 

In no particular order (although, I definitely have a favourite on this list!), here goes: 

Lumiere and Cogsworth – Beauty and the BeastImage result for lumiere and cogsworth
(and probably all of the furniture in the castle)

Like everything else in Beauty and the Beast, I love these two. They’re the perfect mix. The two of them make me laugh a lot. Lumiere and his incessant optimism and Cogsworth with his tendency to worry. These two, for me are excellent additions and make excellent sidekicks. The Beast and Belle are lucky to have them around. (Their portrayals in the live action movie were absolutely spot on too!)

Image result for aladdin genie
Genie – Aladdin.

C’mon. Who wouldn’t want a genie? Granting you wishes and being sassy. He’s hilarious, loyal and full of attitude. Plus he can sing. What more does a film need? I love Robin Williams and this portrayal of Genie is one of my favourite Disney characters.

Image result for pascal disney


Pascal – Tangled

This dude may only be a chameleon but he’s full of attitude and he looks after Rapunzel brilliantly! He’s funny and sassy – a perfect combination for a sidekick.

Image result for baymax disney

Baymax – Big Hero 6

Hello, my name is Steph and I love Baymax SO MUCH. He’s funny, unintentionally, reliable and caring. I love him so much. Big Hero 6 is one of those films I can watch over and over again and it’s because of Baymax – he just makes me laugh. 

Image result for zazu
Zazu – Lion King

Bossy and sarcastic. Zazu makes me laugh. He’s got a great manner – he doesn’t like to stand for Simba’s attitude. Plus, he’s voiced by Rowan Atkinson – a very funny man!


Honourable mentions:

  • Abu and Magic carpet – Aladdin
  • Little John – Robin Hood
  • Dory – Finding Nemo
  • Maximus – Tangled
  • Phillipe – Beauty and the Beast

So there you go! Again, don’t hold me to this list in like a day/a month/a year… it will have changed! 

Do you have a favourite sidekick?
Is your favourite on this list?
Is there anyone you think deserves a spot on my list?

Let me know in the comments or on twitter! 

S x

4 thoughts on “Disney sidekicks!

  1. goldenbooksgirl says:

    Great picks! I love a good sidekick too, although I’d have to add Olaf from Frozen and Gus, Jan, Suzy and Perda (the adorable mice from Cinderella) to my list of favourites ❤❤❤


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