Poles Apart: Fun and beautifully illustrated! Perfect for the classroom!


I spotted this a few weeks ago in Waterstones Newcastle but didn’t pick it up at the time so when it came to buying it again I had totally forgotten what it was! In fly the amazing friends of twitter I have! They came to my rescue and pointed me in the right direction to get this book and I am so glad.


“Everybody knows that penguins belong at the South Pole and polar bears live at the North Pole – but what would happen if, one day, a family of picnicking penguins accidentally got lost? When the hapless Pilchard-Brown family find themselves at completely the wrong pole, they need Mr White, the friendly polar bear, to guide them all the way home…”


The penguin family (the Pilchard-Browns) get lost and the polar bear (Mr White) takes them round the world (visiting lots of different countries) and then eventually they get to their home. 


This book is sweet, fun and beautifully illustrated… making it perfect for the classroom. It would work brilliantly in EYFS and KS1. There are quite a lot of words in it but our Reception class read it and they loved it! Our kids found it hilarious! Some of them even wanted to go off and write another little bit about somewhere else the polar bear and the penguins could’ve visited!

An absolute winner from Nosy Crow! I can’t wait to see what else they release this year!

S x

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