BOOK BLOG: Sophy Henn

Edie: adorable, cute and perfect story to read aloud.


I was very lucky in that I saw this on Bookbairn’s instagram and I managed to get my hands on a copy! Thank you so much Sarah from Penguin Children’s Dept for sending me a copy!


“Hello! My name is Edie. I am EVER so helpful. In fact I think helping is one of the things i am best at. Edie certainly is a very good helper, whether it’s helping Mummy wake up bright and early, helping Daddy to get everything at the shops or helping her little brother with sharing and knowing what’s what.”

The premise of this book is that Edie is a gorgeous little girl who THINKS she is being helpful, when in fact she isn’t being helpful at all really. I read this with my mam when it arrived and we loved it so much – she told me that there were bits of Edie that were me when I was younger… I THOUGHT I was being helpful. 

I loved the illustrations in this book and the story was one which definitely had me smiling! This would be a perfect story to share with your children – especially those at home! A brilliant story to read at school too… to share with children and see how Edie isn’t being helpful. Edie is adorable and it’s gorgeous to watch her from morning to evening. I imagine this story is a brilliant representation of what it’s like to be a parent, told through Edie’s eyes! 

And the end papers are GORGEOUS.


Another absolute winner from Sophy Henn – her other books Pass It On is wonderful! A firm favourite at school, I can’t wait to take Edie in to the kids at school and share it with the twiglets.

S x

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