Ronald the Rhino!

As you all know, I am a huge fan of Twinkl and when I heard they were starting to come out with their own stories I knew I had to give them a look! Man do I wish they had more coming out because this first one is WONDERFUL.

I came across the blog post (Twinkl Blog – Introducing Ronald the Rhino) and instantly knew I had to download it to see what it was all about. 

Meet Ronald the Rhino

“Ronald feels sad and lonely, he doesn’t think he is special in any way. He tries his hardest to make himself look like the other animals but it just doesn’t work. Luckily, Ronald’s new forest friends are there to help and take him on a journey to discover how wondrous he can be… just the way he is!”

The thing I love most about Twinkl is that the resources are made by people who work in education currently or have worked in education in the past – these are resources for teachers by teachers and this story is no different. It is written by a KS1 specialist (aimed at KS1) with lots of the curriculum in mind. As well being specially written to fit in with the curriculum it is, as everything from Twinkl is, designed with exceptional illustrations. Just look at him… he’s gorgeous! I mean who wouldn’t want to be his friend? 

Ronald the Rhino Ebook

I can’t wait to read this story to some of the KS1 children that I teach and see what they make of it! I have read it a few times and I love it. It is a brilliantly written story which reads out so well, in that very sing song and rhyming way you want a great story to. 

If that wasn’t enough there’s a whole host of resources to go along with this story too! Resources varying from reading, writing, maths, to songs/poems… everything you could possibly think of! 

Twinkl never fails to amaze me – they’re always thinking of new and innovative resources and ways to capture the children’s imaginations! And they always have a resource before I even know I need it! 

This would be the perfect story to use in PSHE, in a safari topic, or a topic about animals. 

Kids learn a lot through stories… and this one will be no different!

Download the story here – it comes in pdf version, ebook for ipads/tablets or as Powerpoint! Perfect for all different needs. It also comes with Twinkl#’s brilliant ink saving Eco variety for those of us who like to print things in colourbut also need to save on ink ha!

Find the related resources here 

Happy downloading!

S x

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