What We’re Reading…

My first ‘What We’re Reading’ post went down a storm so I figured I would make it a fortnightly thing after all! 

As per the last blog post which you’ll find here (What We’re Reading!) these books are the books that Year 4 are currently reading. I need to work on showing you how many books they read. This class is a class of book lovers. Story time is their favourite time of day and they will try and steal any kind of minute spare in the day to read. I absolutely love their motivation to read and am a pretty proud teacher when we have discussions about books. 

This week’s prompt was

“Write a sentence about your favourite part of the story so far
Write a sentence predicting what is going to happen”

I would love to start doing this with other classes too! 

If you have any prompt ideas, or would be interested in knowing other things about my class’ reading habits please let me know!

We are still reading The Christmasaurus (I know it’s almost Feb, shush). But I can’t wait to start a new book, we are getting through it and seeing their joy when this happens, or when this person appears is a total pleasure. 

S x

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