I just recently started using this hashtag on twitter and it’s been SUPER useful to me as a review tool to see all of the different lessons I teach and seeing the year groups I interact with. Here is my review of the week using #whatItaughttoday (sorry they’re not in order! Silly twitter)


Just looking at that list makes me super proud! It shows as well that kids take a lot in in one day! My job is so lovely that I am lucky that I am doing all this teaching in a week… but it isn’t always with me as the teacher at the front of the classroom – some of it I am leading the class (as the teacher), some of it I am leading interventions with children 1:1, some interventions as a group, some is in class intervention with children who are in need of stretch and challenge (or whatever you want to call it), some of it when I’m acting as the TA in the classroom. I am lucky that I get to play a part in all of this learning. Some of these lessons are in KS1 – Year 1 and Year 2, some of them are with KS2 – Year 3 all the way to Year 6. 

My job keeps me on my toes. I need to have a broad knowledge of what’s going on in school and in the curriculum… but I love it. It’s challenging and stressful at times, gets on top of me at times but I wouldn’t change it. 

I love that hashtags like this exist so I can see how much I actually do and it’s incredible seeing the bredth of teaching I do in school. One minute I’m doing phonics with Y2, then teaching Y6 about the causes of WW2 and the ripple effects. 

Just shared a few pictures of things I’ve taught this week: 

  • Modelling and adapting stories with Y2.
  • Chinese New Year with after school club.
  • Coding with Year 4.
  • Homophones with Year 4.
  • French words for family with Year 3.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my weekly wrap up! Pop over to the #whatItaughttoday tag and see what other people have been up to! It’s incredible seeing what goes on in classrooms. 

S x

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