What We’re Reading!

When I asked on Twitter what people wanted to see on my blog, my lovely friend Aimee suggested I had some kind of kids book input. I obviously can’t get the kids on my blog but they can help me with kids books! So this week I asked them all to write on a post-it note what they thought of the book they were reading and here are the results:

This class absolutely LOVE reading! The Christmasaurus is our current class reader (we didn’t finish it before Christmas and they were ADAMANT we would finish it now, even though I suggested new books!) so we did a post it note for that too. It is incredible to see the variety of books that they are reading. We promote a diverse range of books to the children and our library is extensive. They have so much choice. 

The variety of adjectives ranges from “adventurous” (which comes with VARIOUS spellings!), “fun”, “magical”, “scary”, “challenging” to “hilarious”. 

I am so proud that this is the first time we tried this and they came out with some brilliant ideas! I can’t wait to see what they’re reading in a fortnights time! These children change their books pretty regularly so I won’t get the chance to show you everything they read, but I will certainly try to show you what they go through. 

Any book recommendations from these would be incredible! I’m always looking for new books to suggest to them and to add to the library!

S x

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