Back to school!

So here we are, back to January, back to work and back to the usual week review! I am going to try a new format for the next few weeks to see how I prefer it! Let me know if you have anything to add/want to ask because I’m happy to asnwer questions and add things! 

We broke up super late in December (22nd) so we got an extra few days off and didn’t go back til the 9th. It was lovely to be in bed while lots of people were still going to work, but  come Monday I think my body was DEFINITELY in shock! Hey ho! I’ve spent this week being EXHAUSTED – it’ll just take a while for my body to get back into the swing of things!

Along with a new format for my week in review there will be a new fortnightly “What We’re Reading” post, centred around Year 4’s reading habits, what they’re reading and their opinions of their books! The first one is coming up this coming Monday, so keep an eye out for that! 

But on with my week in review…

What I taught:

  • Year 1 intervention: we did some guided reading centred around winter for one session and in the other we looked at the ‘a-e’ sound. I think split digraphs are really tough for kids to get their heads around but playing lots of games, reading lots of examples of words and having some fun definitely makes it easier!
  • Year 2 phonics group: we were looking at using inference skills to answer questions about the text we were reading and talking about the difference between fiction and non-fiction texts (just to refresh their memories).
  • Year 2 writing group: we have spent this week using Little Red Riding Hood as our basis for writing a retell of the story and writing some incredible character descriptions – to get those all important adjectives in!
  • Year 2 maths: looking at adding and subtracting 9,10 and 11. Recapping what we learned before Christmas was a challenge for some of them but they did well remembering most of it!
  • Year 3 French: we spent one last lesson using French words for body parts to label pictures of themselves for a display which I can’t wait to show you all in a few blog posts time!
  • Year 5 French: before Christmas they were really struggling with numbers to 20 in French (forgetfulness!) but I had spent a fair few lessons on that so I extended it to 100 and I was so surprised that they had a grasp of all their numbers.
  • Year 6: we started our History topic of WW2. Children were being historians to try to guess what items were and what they were used for during the war.

I teach in Year 4 for 1.5 days so I always have a lot to say about them!

  • English/SPAG: we looked at using a range of punctuation in their writing and recalling what all of the uses for these different punctuation marks are. Did a bit of dictation too, to check their spellings!
  • Science: we started looking at solids, liquids and gases and used some of the incredible Twinkl resources (here and here) to help us! We even got the chance to go into the hall to pretend to be particles and make ourselves into the different layouts! The kids loved that.
  • Maths: We’ve been looking at number sequences and adding and subtracting multiples of 10 and 100, crossing boundaries. It’s been a bit tricky but the kids kept going!
  • We made resolutions too and I’m going to make a new window display next week which I am excited for the kids to see! I’ll show you all too!

What I learned

It’s not always my fault if something doesn’t go right. I can teach something in 100 different ways and it’s not my fault if the children don’t get it. Leave it be for a while and come back to it when both me and the kids aren’t getting frustrated. 

Highlight of the week

This conversation:
Y2 child: Miss, why do you have to go to university?
Me: Well, because I need to learn how to be a better teacher.
Y2 child: Well miss I think you’re already a brilliant teacher.

I almost cried!

Something to work on

Try not to beat myself up too much if something doesn’t go quite to plan, it’ll all work out fine in the end. 

It’s been a mad, manic week with one of my best friends being poorly but we pooled together and made it work! 

S x

One thought on “Back to school!

  1. MissMcAnespie says:

    You are one of the best teachers I know! Stop worrying about EVERYTHING!!
    Our little Out of School club wouldn’t run without you. Thank you so much for this week.
    See you on Monday !!


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