“What is YAShot?” I hear you scream!
“YA Shot is an author-run, author-led Young Adult and Middle Grade festival that raises the money and resources to run a year-long programme pairing libraries and schools for free author events to foster a love of reading, inspire a passion for writing, and encourage aspirations to careers in the Arts. 

“Which authors are going to be there?” I hear you demand!
Well there are going to be MANY. Some of my own personal highlights are of course Queen Melinda Salisbury (The Sin Eater’s Daughter/The Sleeping Prince), Kiran Milwood Hargrave (Girl of Ink and Stars), Alwyn Hamilton (Rebel of the Sands), Sara Barnard (Beautiful Broken Things), Peter Bunzl (Cogheart), Alice Oseman (Radio Silence), Holly Bourne (The Spinster Club stories) and Holly Smale (Geek Girl).

“How will the day pan out?” I hear you cry!
YA Shot is a one-day annual festival based in the centre of Uxbridge (London). Around 70 authors are involved in a programme of workshop, panel and ‘in conversation’ events (plus book-signing sessions) in the Uxbridge Civic Centre, Waterstone’s Uxbridge and Uxbridge Library. There is also a programme of fantastic blogging and vlogging workshops.”

“How do I get tickets?” I hear you insist
Well by visiting this website… CLICKITY FOR TICKETY.

“Where can I find you, Steph?” (I hear you not say, because I am neither famous nor well known ha!)
So here is my (almost finalised) timetable for the day… I will probably tweet a lot throughout the day and there willl be round up blog posts about the day too!

Peter Bunzl and Kiran Millwood Hargrave in conversation – The Rescuers: children saving adults
14:50 – 15:35 
Julia Gray and Melinda Salisbury in conversation –  A Touch of Evil: of gods and monsters and the value of a life
16:40 – 17:35
Little Women: fantasy, gender, power and constraint. Panellists: Alywn Hamilton, Zöe Marriott, chaired by Samantha Shannon
17:50 – 18:45 
Chris Moore (YATakeover/YAfictionados) talks going global: taking your blog o the next level

(As you can see there are still gaps of time in my day… I shall fill them I’m sure! But these are events that I KNOW I have to get to. I need to see all of my favourites!)

“I want to know more, where do I go to find out more?” I hear you screech!
If you want to know more the website is here.
Tickets can be bought here.
Programme can be found here.

There’s loads of info on the YAShot website about the event, the authors and the locations! I can’t wait!

IS ANYONE ELSE COMING ALONG? I can’t wait! Let me know in the comments or hit me up (lol, who do I think I am?!) Twitter @eenalol

S xx

(Credit to the YAShot website for the picture in my header)

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