The weeks just merge…

So it seems I’m going to have to be more organised when writing my review of the week because all of my days just merge together these days! The stand out moments (good and bad) from last week are: (let’s start with the good)

  • Visit to Build a Bear with Reception. I was invited on their first trip into town to go to build a bear with them! We walked into town and then hunted for snow dogs, then went into Fenwicks, built a few bears, dressed a few bears and even got to bring 2 back to school! It was lovely, but you forget just HOW little they are at the start of Reception. I can’t wait to get to know them better. They seem like a lovely class.
  • Badminton club. I MUST remember to take my racket to school on Mondays. I like a heavy racket and the ones at school are just kid friendly. Not Miss Elliott friendly. The kids are doing really well though. We’ve mastered forehand and backhand serves so far. We’re still waiting for our badminton posts and net to arrive yet though, so just very informal rallies so far. I have a lovely bunch of Y6s and I’m starting to find my feet when it comes to teaching them. I love playing badminton but I’ve never taught it before!
  • Friday with Year 4. I love my day of teaching with them. They’re proper lovely little people. They make me laugh, a lot. We have a 30 day trial with abacus and I had to use that in Maths on Friday. It was great, the kids were really good and were great teachers to their partners. We looked at the dreaded apostrophes but on the whole they did really well.

(now the not so good)

  • Going back to uni on Thursday. UGH. I have looked forward to going back to uni for a few weeks. To see my lovely uni pals, we never got to see each other over the Summer! I sat before my lectures started and thought about my SCITT application and I just had a bit of a breakdown. Self doubt crept up. I wasn’t in a great headspace. I cried, a lot. Yes, in the cafe. I am that girl, ha. Then it was time to go into my classroom and we’ve been merged with the 3rd years (they’re full timers, we are part timers) because we’re all writing our dissertations. Over summer I’ve been thinking about my dissertation (I’m sorry I keep mentioning this, you’ll have to bear with me here… it’s going to take over my life soon enough) and we had to discuss them and start jotting ideas down and then my lecturer wasn’t overly keen. So I had a bit of a meltdown. It wasn’t pretty. I dunno, it just was not a great time for my self confidence.
  • Friday I had a bit of a meh day too. Not when the kids were concerned. They’re lovely. I was just not feeling great about myself. (I’m still not now, but I’m better. I will get there).

So that was a very quick recap of my week. I need to think of a better way to do this recap thing. Do you guys enjoy reading them? Do you read them? Let me know in the comments!

S xx

One thought on “The weeks just merge…

  1. Fiona Banham says:

    Good to hear about your week. I’m nosey by nature!
    Having a meltdown in confidence I’ll cntribute to you being a great practitioner. Empathy is very powerful.
    Hope this week has as many positives and hopefully less negatives one. Great admiration for those who study 😀


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