Twinkl Imagine

Recently Twinkl have introduced a new feature: Twinkl Imagine. 

“Twinkl Imagine is a creative resource with a new image every day. From quick discussion to indepth learning, use it as a stimulus for a range of exciting topics”

So far there have been images based on Oceans and Sculpture, with this week’s theme being Harvest. Along with the daily picture Twinkl provide talking points, some cross curricula links and even some links to download resources to assist you with the pictures. They provide different activities/questions for KS1 and KS2 classes too!

I have used Imagine a few times with my Year 4 class and they LOVE it. I put an image on the board for them to come in on a morning. They sit on the carpet and they know that they are to discuss the picture that is on the board. This week (as you can see in the picture) we discussed this picture – of the stormy sea and the ship. I asked the children to think about things such as:

  • do you like the picture? if yes, why? if no, why not?
  • what do you think it’s like to be a soldier on the ship?
  • what can you see in the picture? 
  • can you think of any adjectives to describe the picture?

Once we had 5 minutes to discuss with their talk partner/person sat beside them on the carpet, we had a quick class discussion about opinions/thoughts about the picture then I gave them all a post it note. On their post it note I asked them to write something they want to say about the picture (whether they liked it/what they liked about it/why they didn’t like it/what it would be like to be on the ship) and then put their post it on the board. They absolutely loved sharing their ideas verbally AND in writing. It made for interesting work when the head came in too asking what the post it notes were about too! The children asked me to put the picture back on the board so they could have a quick discussion with the head (he had only come in to the classroom to ask me something!). 

From only a few sessions of using Imagine I have found that the children are happier to discuss and give reasons for their opinions. (Some of my children have asked me to put that week’s pictures on our class blog so they can discuss it with their parents/siblings so I have enquired as to if that is allowed!) So far we have had 2  Fridays of different pictures and the children have already commented that it is one of their favourite things that we get to do. They have really enjoyed the sense of freedom it gives them to talk about their opinions. That there is no right or wrong, there is no sense of academia in talking about the picture… it is purely how you feel about the picture. They love asking my opinion of the picture too. They are actively more engaged in listening to others’ opinions too, so that they can disagree or agree with them! Ha!

I will definitely be looking to use this as a continuing speaking, listening and justifying opinions session in a morning but would love to start using the other pictures from the week in English lessons. The pictures are of such a high quality that there are all sorts of activities you could get from just one picture! 

You guys should all check it out! I love it! Let me know in the comments or on twitter if you start using Twinkl Imagine or if you use it already!

Link: Twinkl Imagine

S x

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