Three weeks down…

Welcome to week 3! Really? Is that it? Is that how long ago the summer holidays were? MY word. They feel so much longer away! This week was MANIC. OF the 5 days in school, I taught for 4! 3 full days and then 2 half days… my usual timetable calls for me only doing 1 full day and then 2 half days but I have to say I LOVED IT. I felt like a proper teacher!

Mondays are generally spent supporting in Y2. I go in to support for Maths and English in the morning (after assembly and phonics). Monday PMs are spent in Y6 doing Guided Reading, French and Science. We’re doing Evolution and Inheritance in Y6 for this half term. We started with Pokemon… I debunked the myth that Pokemon evolve! My Y6s can tell you that they actually go through the process of metamorphosis! How cool. The kids loved that lesson, the boys especially were super engaged. Which is good, because that class is a CHALLENGE. After school on Mondays I run badminton club, I loved it. I have a great group of kids. I look forward to enhancing their skills.

Tuesday was spent in Year 1. Our KS1 classes and 1 of our KS2 classes go swimming every Tuesday so most of my morning was taken up taking the children swimming, after phonics. Swimming is always a big manic, getting 30 little people changed and ensuring they haven’t lost a shoe or a t-shirt or SOMETHING. We managed. After lunch we did some maths and a bit of writing – they’re creating their own superheroes. It was super fun!

Wednesday was a bit more of Y2 work (+ phonics). Weds PM is spent in Y4, doing topic work (Ancient Egypt) and some French, then assembly (every other Wednesday). We looked at daily life in Egypt, having found a great video on the BBC website. The kids loved it! 

Thursday AND Friday I spent with Year 4. I felt like a real teacher. It was so nice. It showed me that I can’t wait to have my own classroom. I usually get to spend a Friday teaching them, but getting to spend 2 days with them was an absolute delight. We did some innovation writing in our English lesson – the children changed a newspaper article about the death of Tutankhamen (for which I received a lovely text from the Y4 teacher telling me I worked wonders with them because their writing put a smile on her face while marking it!). Then we got to do a bit of singing and then a music lesson with our resident music teacher, Mr Miller. I never get to see music lessons so it was lovely to be involved in one! Some maths happened too! We did some self portrait work on Friday (using these templates). As you can see my not so great self portrait in the pictures below! I decided to display them on the windows for a bit so the children could discuss them with their parents!  

So yes, last week was manic. But it was great. I loved it. I can’t wait to be a teacher. For reals.

S x

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