UKYACX Take 2: YA edition!

If you haven’t read Part 1 of my blog then check that out!

Here we go! Part 2 of UKYACX. This time it was the turn of some very funny, very endearing, wonderful YA authors! After I had lunch with Gabrielle Kent, Liz Flanagan and my friend Aimee we went back to the library for the panels of YA authors!

Much like the set up of the morning there were separate panels, with each author getting 2 minutes to talk, then a Q&A session afterwards and yes the HORN OF DOOM was back. HONK HONK. 

Paula Rawsthorne (Celia Frost/Blood Tracks) joined in the chairing the event fun for the afternoon as both Emma and Kerry had panels to be part of! She started with a lovely speech about Newcastle’s passion for books from everyone: students and teachers alike. Not just for kids books, but for YA and adult books too. A big thank you to Seven Stories too because they had provided all of the books for us wonderful people to buy!

The panels went as brilliantly as the morning had! We laughed til we cried, we cheered, we ooh’d, ahh’d and we had a brilliant time. There were some absolute characters (Kirkland I’m looking at you here!) and we had an absolutely incredible time. 

Some of my favourite moments from the afternoon:

  • Kirkland Ciccone finishing telling us about his book so he gave us an absolutely hilarious cat walk up and down the room in his incredible faux fur coat. He was an absolute joy, as soon as I saw him I said I wanted to be his new friend. I loved him.
  • When asked what they would say to their main characters if they met them: “Trust but don’t rush in too fast” (Ellen Pheanthean – Wall). “Don’t lose your phone!” (Perdita Cargill – Waiting for Callback). “Sorry” (Donald Hounam – Gifted/Pariah)
  • I asked one panel of authors what their faourite Roald Dahl book was and 2 said The Witches (Lindsay Barraclough – Long Lankin, Emma Trevayne – Gamescape), Fantastic Mr Fox was Leo Hunt’s favourite (13 Days of Midnight), Danny Champion of the World got Sheena Wilkinson’s vote (Name Upon Name) and Tales of the Unexpected was Patrice Lawrence’s favourite (Orangeboy).
  • Quite a few of the authors commented that they listened to classical music as they were writing too. 

Again it was incredible to be part of such an incredible event. I was totally overcome during the whole day. I wasn’t quite sure how to act at the start of the day and by the end I was getting used to the idea of talking to authors. They’re just people after all. People who write incredible books. People who are way more creative than me. People I totally look up to. I think UKACX was excellent training for YAShot in October, but I think nothing will quite surpass this. I loved UKYACX. I am so lucky to be part of something so incredible. AND IN NEWCASTLE. Thank you to whoever got this incredible event in Newcastle. We need more bookish events in Newcastle. (I’m looking at you Newcastle Waterstones and 7 Stories!)

A massive thank you to all of the authors, the incredible people at the library and the people I got to meet! I had such a blast. I can’t wait for next year!

S x

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