Free-day: Science dictionaries

In teaching lots of science last year I noticed that children had little knowledge of defining scientific words. I used a science dictionary as one of my assessment tasks at the end of a Year 5 topic and the kids thought it was great. During a book scrutiny the SLT also thought it was a great idea. It took me a while to think how I could make this a long term thing rather than just a one off assessment type task. So I came up with the idea that the children make their very own scientific dictionary in their science books. I’ve spoken to a few different teachers and they loved the idea.

I will use these sheets at the back of the children’s science books and then introduce key vocabulary at the start of the lesson and then when they think they can define a word they can write the definition on the lines. This will be a really useful piuece of on going assessment for me and I feel that it will help the children to have a bit more confidence in using scientific terms too!

I hope you find this dictionary template useful! Let me know if you download it and use it!

S x

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