Favourite lessons: Science edition

The thought of teaching adaptation to my Year 6 class was a bit of a struggle initially. But after a bit of thought I came up with some lessons on camouflage and the importance of it to animals. And I have to say that the sequence of lessons is easily my favourite. I can not wait to tweak them and repeat them this year with the new cohort.

We started by looking at camouflage and why it was necessary – adaptations for different animals living in different habitats. The children did some research on different animals and their camouflage. We started easy in the first lesson. You can see the black and white versions that they did – the children absolutely loved this. Trying to make the animals “disappear” was a challenge that they all enjoyed. Some of them were incredible and the animals absolutely did disappear. The children told me they wanted more of a challenge, so, never one to let them down, I gave them a choice of animals (previously they just had a lizard shape): crab, snake, butterfly, lizard and a choice of coloured backgrounds (previously they just had a variety of black and white backgrounds): grass, sand, leaves and bark (grey and orangey brown colours).

The results were incredible. I was so impressed that I made them into a display in the corridor! The children were so proud of themselves and they loved seeing their work displayed in the school where everyone could see it and talk to them about it. The head loved it. He was very impressed with the standard of work produced by all the children.

I absolutely can not wait to see what the children produce this year!

S x

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