Free-day: BOGGLE

I’m going to try and post a new resource every Friday! Freebie Friday.. Free-day.
I’m hilarious. I know.

The time between the bell going at 8:55 and the register being saved at 9:05 was a time when I found Year 6 were the most restless… unless they had something to do. I started thinking back to things they loved doing. They loved word games. What better word game than Boggle. Give them the sheet, see how many points they earn! Initially the children weren’t all that interested but when they found their would be rewards for their efforts they got into it!

You could reward them in any way. Per word, points, for beating their score last week, for bettering their partner, for getting the longest word. My class particularly enjoyed the task of bettering me and the Y6 TA. Sometimes they didn’t manage, but they more often than not did… but I always argued I generally only had a minute and some of them had 10 minutes!! 

Our Year 6s would come in on a morning and say “MISS. Is Boggle out today?”. Their faces would light up if they were!

So here you are: here is Boggle 1 for you!! Hope you and your class enjoy!

Let me know below if you download it, or tell me on twitter (@eenalol)

S x

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