Display: Magic Maths

To try and encourage my rather reluctant Year 6’s this past year I decided to make a Magic Maths display with challenges on.

There were 2 challenges per colour, and 4 colours. The children had to pick to do all set 1 challenges or all set 2 challenges. The challenges explored the 4 different operations in maths and set 1 challenges were slightly easier than set 2.

Initially the children were reluctant to have a go as they didn’t want to get the answers wrong, but after a bit of coaxing and a bit of help from the head (who loved the display and was more than happy to join in) we managed to get all of the children engaged. Challenges would be set on a Monday and children had til Friday to complete the challenges. Housepoints were rewarded for a) taking part, b) challenging yourself (set 1 challenges worth 5HP and set 2 worth 10HP) and c) getting answers correct. This was essential for my boys who wouldn’t try as they wanted to get the most housepoints so they would try set 2 challenges and they’d be rewarded. The more risk you take the more reward you gain!

As well as the challenge there was always a thinking challenge (which lives in the hat in the centre of the board). In the pictures you can see that it is a ‘how many triangles/squares?’ challenge. The children would write on their answer sheet which thinking challenge they were doing and their answer. If anyone is interested, I will share my challenge sheets and my answer sheets – just leave me a comment and tell me!

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As you can see the display was chopped into quarters and I used board pens to write the vocab that the children needed to know on the lines that separate the quarters. Unfortunately the yellow wasn’t so great so next time I’ll know not to use yellow! As usual the wonderful Twinkl is to thank for a lot of the display stuff. I’ll put links at the bottom of the page if you’re interested in downloads! If you search ‘Magic Maths’ on twinkl you get a whole load of things but below is what I used on this display:
Challenge cards template Multiplication wizards Wizard hats (FREE, just log in!) MAGIC MATHS lettering Shape challenge (the one in the top hat) Maths strategies posters

Hope you enjoy my display! What’s your favourite display? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @eenalol!

S x

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